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Dangerous Intersections in Suisun

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October 02, 2017
Edward Smith

Dangerous Intersections in Suisun

Dangerous Intersections in Suisun

I’m Ed Smith, a Suisun car accident lawyer. Suisun is a small, vibrant city on the Delta of the San Francisco Bay with a population of just less than 30,000 people. Although residents of Suisun enjoy a less congested, small-town atmosphere, the city is still the site of numerous injury-causing motor vehicle accidents.

Those living in Suisun may be interested in the dangerous intersection information included in the following blog.

Suisun’s Dangerous Intersections

For one reason or another, some intersections are shown to have a higher rate of accidents resulting in injuries than others. Whether it be due to the natural flow of traffic, poor lighting, roadway defects, or some other factor, these intersections in Suisun have seen the highest number injury-causing collisions over the past 5 years:

  • Merganser Drive and Sunset Avenue
  • Pintail Drive and Sunset Avenue
  • Highway 12 at Lawler Ranch Parkway
  • Sunset Avenue and Railroad Avenue
  • Highway 12 at Marina Boulevard
  • Railroad Avenue and Marina Boulevard

Intersection Collision Statistics

Intersection collisions are all too common. In fact, they make up 40 percent of all auto accidents in the United States and are the second most common accident type in the country, preceded only by rear-end collisions. Data from the Federal Highway Administration indicates that around 2.5 million intersection collisions occur on American roadways every year with the majority of these accidents involving left turns.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that about fifty percent of serious collisions occur at intersections, with an additional 20 percent of fatal collisions also occurring at intersections. Relatedly, around 165,000 accidents happen annually at intersections due to drivers running red lights. Fatalities resulting from red light violations total about 700-800 deaths every year.

Improving Safety at Intersections

While sometimes the danger of an intersection can be due to external factors like ill-placed signage or reckless drivers in the area, there are steps that drivers can take to reduce the risk of being involved in an injury accident at an intersection.

Safety Tips

One way to increase safety is to decrease the speed of your vehicle long before approaching the intersection. This ensures that you won’t rear-end drivers who stop suddenly because they noticed a red light too late due to distraction or fatigue.

Another reliable way to increase safety at intersections is to leave plenty of space between your vehicle and the one in front of you if you are stopped at a red light. Often, a rear-end collision can cause a chain reaction that pushes the frontmost vehicle at a red light into the  middle of a busy intersection.

Lastly, as with all driving, it is important to keep your full attention on the road. Intersections double the number of directions that one needs to look in order to be sure they are not in harm’s way. Avoiding unnecessary distractions and practicing defensive driving can help avoid traumatic injuries.

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