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May 03, 2019
Edward Smith

Dangerous Intersection Near Laguna Creek High School

A father is warning other parents of a dangerous intersection in Elk Grove. Earlier this month, his son, Curtis Hurd, was hit by a motorist while riding his bike to school. The accident happened about one-half mile from Laguna Creek High School. This is not the first time that accidents have happened in this Elk Grove intersection.

Nick Hurd, Curtis’s father, said there have been several near misses at this intersection. Hurd suffered minor injuries in the bicycle accident and said he understands it could have been worse. Initially, he fell on the hood of the vehicle and then the ground when the car stopped moving. Since then, he is making sure to ride along with traffic. The teenager said he hopes motorists using this dangerous intersection follow the rules of the road by looking for cyclists before pulling out of a driveway.

More Details

The intersection is used by many motorists as they try to gain entrance to the shopping plaza. It is also used by many students who are trying to go to the nearby school. Hurd said his son has almost been hit by Taco Bell customers as they leave the establishment. Elk Grove police said while mishaps happen at this dangerous intersection, it is not rated as one of the worst in the city. A spokesman for the police said there have been six accidents, but only one of them involved a bicycle. The remainder were between motor vehicles.

The police took a look at traffic at this dangerous intersection and said that both cyclists and motorists need to be careful. Drivers are urged to obey the speed limit and not give in to distractions. Bicyclists are urged to ride safely with traffic and be aware of their surroundings. The Elk Grove Unified School District agreed that this dangerous intersection consists of multiple lanes, and exercising caution is recommended. He urged students to follow their Safe Routes to School program.

Intersection Dangers

Intersections can be dangerous places. For the most part, several or many lanes of traffic converge on one spot. In addition, vehicles entering an intersection have a choice of going straight or turning. The convergence of traffic often leads to accidents. On top of all this, some intersections do not have traffic signals, making it even more dangerous for everyone. Without traffic control, the outcome is based on drivers obeying the rules. Bicyclists and pedestrians are particularly at risk for several reasons:

  • Both lack the protective enclosure a vehicle has.
  • Both are harder to see than a motor vehicle.
  • Without illumination at night, a cyclist and a walker may not be seen at all.
  • Crosswalks are not available at many intersections.

Rules of the Road for Bicyclists

Cyclists must obey the following rules of the road in California:

  • Always ride in the same direction as motor vehicles.
  • Bicyclists must yield to vehicles in the road or to pedestrians.
  • Obey the signage and traffic lights.
  • Do not ride on the sidewalk.
  • When turning left, always yield to traffic already in the lane.
  • Indicate that you are turning by using hand signals.
  • Make sure that lights are working properly.
  • Don’t ride at night without reflectors or reflective tape.

When You Are in a Bicycle Accident

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