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Complications of a Cuboid Bone Fracture

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January 02, 2020
Edward Smith

Complications from a Fracture of the Cuboid Bone

The cuboid bone is located on the outside of the foot. If an individual suffers a cuboid bone fracture, there are serious complications that might result. Many of these complications develop because the cuboid bone is the only support structure for the fourth and fifth toes. Therefore, it plays a critical role in nearly all of the foot’s movements. Damage to this bone can lead to significant long-term issues.

Most of the injuries involving the cuboid bone include ligament damage. However, direct trauma to the outer edge of the foot in a traumatic accident can lead to a severe fracture. A cuboid fracture can occur in a work accident, motor vehicle collision, or motorcycle accident. Medical care will focus not only on repairing the fracture but also on addressing complications.

Mobility Issues After a Cuboid Fracture

The most common complications that might occur following a cuboid fracture impact someone’s mobility. Even after the fracture has healed, some people will notice pain and stiffness in their foot. This can make it hard to walk and run effectively. This pain usually develops in the foot due to long-term inflammatory reactions. This may lead to bruising and swelling as well. Stiffness in the outside of the foot may also result from tendon or ligament damage in the accident.

The overall result is long-term mobility issues. Some individuals may notice that they don’t have as much flexibility in the foot. Without the typical range of motion, people may have trouble balancing. This will limit the functional abilities of the foot. To help with this, physical therapy is the preferred treatment option. This can help someone improve the strength, flexibility, and range of motion of the foot.

Can Degenerative Arthritis Develop from a Cuboid Bone Fracture?

Another common complication is the development of degenerative arthritis. Arthritis develops when there is a loss of cartilage between two bony surfaces. The cuboid articulates with numerous other bones in the foot, including the fourth and fifth toes. If this bone is fractured, there might be damage to the cartilage that separates these bones.

Without this cartilage, bony surfaces start to rub against each other directly. This leads to inflammation in the foot, which may degrade the surfaces of these bones. The end result is arthritis, which may lead to further mobility problems. Oral medications and physical therapy may be able to treat inflammation due to arthritis, improving mobility.

Metatarsal Length Discrepancy

One significant problem that may arise following the repair of a cuboid bone fracture is called metatarsal length discrepancy. Also referred to as lateral column shortening, the fourth and fifth toes often appear shorter once the fracture has healed. If these toes get shortened, this can make it hard for someone to balance. There is a surgical procedure that uses bone grafts to lengthen the fourth and fifth toes, restoring their typical sizes. This can lead to dramatic improvements in someone’s ability to use the foot effectively.

Watch YouTube Video: Cuboid Assessment and Treatment by NAIOMT. The video below demonstrates an assessment and treatment of the cuboid bone.

Relying on a California Personal Injury Attorney

If someone has been diagnosed with a serious foot injury, such as a cuboid bone fracture, the recovery process may take a long time. During this period, individuals and families may have issues keeping up with their daily obligations. This can cause a lot of medical, financial, and logistical stress. In this situation, it is critical to ask for help. A Sacramento personal injury attorney can help families look at all of their options. There may be avenues to pursue compensation for physical injuries, emotional stress, and lost wages from work.

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