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March 11, 2019
Edward Smith

Critical Injury Rollover Accident in Fresno

A critical injury rollover accident occurred along Ashlan Avenue and Bond Street in Fresno on March 8, when a single vehicle collided with a fire hydrant. The impact of the collision caused the car to roll several times before coming to a stop next to a church along the southeast corner. Firefighters were called to the scene to use hydraulic tools to extricate two men out of the mangled vehicle. Both parties suffered serious injuries and were reported to be conscious but unresponsive before being transported to a local hospital for treatment. An update regarding their conditions has not yet been released by officials.

Accident Investigation

The area of Bond Street and Ashlan Avenue was closed to traffic while authorities from the Fresno Police Department investigated. So far, a cause of the car accident has not yet been determined, and it is unknown whether drugs or alcohol were involved.

Roof Crush Resistance in a Rollover Accident

Roof crush resistance is the amount of weight a vehicle’s roof can withstand in a rollover. The survival rate in a rollover is dependent on high roof crush resistance. According to Federal Vehicle Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 216, a car’s roof must be able to handle a minimum of 1.5 times the weight of the vehicle. If an automaker fails to adhere to this standard, they may be held financially responsible for injuries and other losses incurred from a crushed roof.

Common Types of Injuries in a Rollover Accident

Rollover accidents often result in devastating consequences. This is due to occupants inside the vehicle being thrown around, crushed by the roof or ejected from the car. The common types of injuries sustained in these collisions include:

  • Bone Fractures: The multiple impacts that occur in a rollover crash often cause fractures to the arms, legs, and ankles.
  • Brain Injuries: A person who survives a rollover may suffer injuries such as lacerations or cuts to the head, skull fracture, or traumatic brain injury. These injuries are common for those who were not securely restrained by a seat belt.
  • Neck Injuries: Cervical sprain, nerve damage, and herniated or slipped discs can occur after a rollover collision.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: An injury of the spine can occur due to the tremendous forces involved in a rollover. While some spinal cord injuries are recoverable, others can lead to partial or complete paralysis.

Determining Fault in a Rollover Crash

Liability for causing a rollover accident will carry with it financial responsibility to compensate those injured in the incident. Proving negligence in the crash and all responsible parties are critical to claim damages. These include the driver whose vehicle collided with another car first, a vehicle manufacturer who failed to design and construct a vehicle to meet federal standards, and the manufacturer of a defective auto part that failed in the car leading to the collision.

Passenger Injury Claims

In a single vehicle accident involving a rollover, it can put passengers in a difficult situation. This is especially true if the at-fault driver was the friend or family member of an injured passenger. Filing a claim for damages against a relative or friend can be complicated. An injured party may feel worried that this could hurt their loved one financially or damage the relationship. However, it is essential to know that the claim will be handled and paid for by the insurance company. If the driver has insufficient policy limits or no insurance, the passenger may use their own car insurance to cover the remainder of their losses. This is only possible if he or she has uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. For more details, reach out to an experienced personal injury lawyer in Fresno. To learn what to look for in an injury attorney, watch the below video.

Benefits of Hiring a Fresno Personal Injury Attorney

Injuries from a rollover accident can end up costing a great deal of money in lost wages, medical bills, and other expenses. If your damages were caused by the negligence of another driver or entity, you may be able to seek compensation to help pay those expenses. An experienced Fresno personal injury attorney can help in these situations by investigating further into the accident to properly determine fault and identifying all responsible parties. This way, the injury lawyer can prepare a strong case for the compensation you need and deserve.

Fresno Personal Injury Lawyer

I’m Ed Smith, a Fresno personal injury lawyer. Rollover accidents are often severe, with vehicle occupants more likely to sustain catastrophic injuries or death. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a rollover accident caused by the fault of someone else, I am here to provide you with free, friendly case advice on your situation. Please call me at (559) 377-7676 or toll-free at (800) 404-5400.

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