Crash Causes Big Rig Oil Leak

Crash Causes Big Rig Oil Leak

Crash Causes Big Rig Oil Leak

I’m Ed Smith, a Modesto truck accident attorney. A big-rig was involved in a collision along Highway 99 on the night of Monday, December 12, 2016. Due to the impact of the crash, it caused the big-rig to leak diesel fuel and oil onto the roadway and into a storm drain.

What Happened?

A big rig driver was entering the Tuolumne Road exit off Highway 99 when he lost control of his truck. He then crashed into a concrete barrier,  flying across the off ramp and came to a rest on the highway embankment.

Big Rig Leaks Oil

The collision caused the big-rig to spill oil and diesel fuel onto the roadway. Emergency crews were immediately notified after the call came in at approximately 11:05 pm and were dispatched to the scene of the accident. Crews placed absorbent material along the roadway to clean up the fluid spill.  While crews were cleaning up the roadway, they observed that some of the fluid went into the storm drain. Luckily, the emergency crews were able to detect the spill in the storm drain at an early stage and it did not flow into the Tuolumne River. Additional absorbent material was placed in the storm drain by Caltrans to ensure the safety of the drain system.

What Caused the Crash?

It is still too early to determine the exact cause of the crash. However, the time of day may have played a factor. The crash did not involve any other vehicles. Thankfully, the driver of the big-rig escaped injury in this very frightening mishap.

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