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Corning Fatal Cyclist Crash

Corning Fatal Cyclist Crash

Corning Fatal Cyclist Crash

I’m Ed Smith, a Corning car accident lawyer. An accident that occurred in Corning on Wednesday, March 7, 2018, resulted in the death of a 73-year-old man from Tehama County. The collision reportedly involved a three-wheeled bicycle and a pickup truck.

I’d like to extend my condolences to the bereaved friends and family of the deceased.

Accident Details

California Highway Patrol (CHP) issued an accident report indicating that the man had been riding his tricycle along South Avenue in Corning at approximately 7:30 p.m. when the accident took place. The CHP report indicates that an 85-year-old Corning resident had been driving his pickup truck westbound on South Avenue when he noticed an object on the road before the path of his vehicle.

The driver told officers that he initially thought the object was a box. The driver reportedly attempted to make a collision avoidance maneuver by swerving away from the object he had seen but was ultimately unable to avoid a collision.

The force of the pickup truck’s impact threw the cyclist off of his tricycle and onto the roadway.

Fatal Injuries

Responding emergency personnel reported that they found the cyclist at the scene of the collision with fatal injuries and the man was declared deceased by county officials a short time later.

No reports were made as to whether or not the driver of the pickup suffered injuries during the crash. Additionally, there were no other persons or vehicles involved in this collision.

Accident Factors

CHP is still working to fully understand the accident factors involved in the incident. Officials have stated that neither involved individual appeared to have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs.Causal factors that could have contributed to the crash include poor visibility and/or vision, roadway defects, driver distraction, and more.

Wrongful Death and Quick Action

Families with wrongful death cases have a difficult challenge to face in dealing with the demands of everyday life in a time of emotional turmoil. Often, the loss of a loved one can leave individuals confused and overwhelmed and things such as obtaining legal guidance can feel overwhelming. 

However, if you suspect your loved one died due to the negligence of another party, calling a lawyer as soon as possible is a vital step in recovering compensation for your losses. The sooner a lawyer is able to start working on your case, the more time they have to prevent liable parties from mitigating their apparent fault in the eyes of courts and insurance adjusters. To learn more about wrongful death and how a lawyer can help, you can visit my informative website or call me today.

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