Neurological Experts Say Concussions in Women Are Being Overlooked

Overlooked Concussions in Women 

Even though concussions have occupied a significant part of the medical spotlight in recent years, more research is still needed. Multiple articles have been published recently, showing that concussions in women are often overlooked. The long-term effects of concussions have been studied extensively over the past few years. Those who sustain repeated concussions are prone to developing severe mental health disorders, including depression. These disorders can impact someone’s personal and professional relationships, adversely impacting someone’s quality of life.

Unfortunately, many of the studies done on concussions have focused primarily on men. Male athletes receive more attention from the media. Furthermore, men are more likely to engage in risk-taking behavior that might result in a concussion. Sadly, this means that concussions in women are often overlooked. Neurological experts agree that something must be done.

Concussions Lead to Different Health Effects in Men and Women

One of the reasons why more research needs to focus specifically on concussions in women is that the long-term health effects might be different. Studies performed in the United States have briefly touched on some of the differences between men and women concerning concussions.

First, studies have shown that women are more susceptible to concussions than men. This means that if men and women are exposed to similar impacts, women are more likely to suffer a concussion. Researchers have pointed out that women’s neck muscles are weaker than men’s. This means that there is less support for the skull, making a concussion more likely.

While this is a significant point, neurologists point out that other reasons also deserve attention. Medical experts have also noticed that women take longer to recover from a concussion than their male counterparts. Researchers believe this has something to do with how axons in the brain respond to various forces. Axons are the nerve cells that form the foundation of brain tissue. Researchers believe that axons in women are more likely to suffer permanent dysfunction than axons in men. If the axons do not recover following a concussion, this may lead to permanent complications.

Watch YouTube Video ~ Concussions and Women. In this video, learn why women are thought to be more susceptible to traumatic brain injury than men.

Why are Female Axons Prone to Damage?

Researchers have been trying to determine why female axons are more prone to damage than male counterparts. Medical research has shown that male axons are larger. In addition, male axons have a more complex structure. The added structure and increased width allow male axons to resist concussive forces more efficiently.

When female axons break, charged ions flood the cells. Ions such as sodium and calcium carry electrical charges. This disrupts the signaling process of axons, leading to neuronal damage. Sadly, much of this damage is permanent. Due to the structure of female neurons and axons, this damage is more likely to take place following concussions in women.

More Research is Needed Regarding Concussions in Women

Research performed by neurological experts has shown that axons in female brains are different in multiple ways. Therefore, concussions in women are drastically different than they are in men. Because of this, more research should be done on the female population.

If this research takes place, medical scientists might be able to find a way to help women recover more completely following a concussion. This research can provide hope to women everywhere.

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