Common Marysville Car Accident Factors

Common Marysville Car Accident Factors

Common Marysville Car Accident Factors

Common Marysville Car Accident Factors – Car accidents are almost always unexpected and often leave people with serious injuries. In some cases, crashes can even be fatal and leave families devastated. Knowing how, where, and when crashes are likely to happen can be difficult, especially because there are so many different ways that accidents occur. While drivers should always practice defensive driving and do their best to stay alert while using the road, it is also important to know what the main causes of accidents are for your area. Those who frequently use Marysville roads may be interested in the below statistics about common car accident factors in their city.

Accidents Overview

During recent years, Marysville has seen many traumatic accidents, and the vast majority of them were caused by traffic violations. According to UC Berkeley statistics, 555 total injury crashes took place in Marysville over 2007-2017. These accidents injured 710 individuals and cost 18 more their lives. Out of these accidents, 61 (11 percent) involved a pedestrian and 49 (almost nine percent) were bicycle/vehicle crashes. Forty more (about seven percent) involved a motorcycle. Additionally, the majority of the accidents happened on city streets while around 43 percent took place on a highway inside of Marysville.

Most Common Factors

The most common causes listed as primary collision factors for accidents in Marysville over the last decade are listed below next to the number of accidents they caused during that time:

  • Speeding – 139
  • Right-of-Way violations – 107
  • Traffic sign and signal violations – 54
  • DUI – 54
  • Driving on the wrong side of the roadway – 37
  • Tailgating – 32
  • Pedestrian right of way violations – 21
  • Dangerous turning – 18
  • Pedestrian violations – 17
  • Dangerous lane changing – 10

Other Accident Factors

While most accidents are caused by a traffic violation like speeding or DUI, some happen because of factors outside the control of those involved in the crash. For instance, a vehicle’s brakes may fail, causing a driver to rear-end a truck at high speeds. In this case, the manufacturer, seller, and retailer of the faulty vehicle part may be liable to pay for damages. Another way that accidents can happen without a traffic violation is when roadways are unsafe because of issues such as missing signage, large potholes, bad lighting, or other hazards. Similarly, when these issues cause a crash, the government entity responsible for maintaining the faulty road may be liable.

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Common Marysville Car Accident Factors:

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