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December 06, 2019
Edward Smith

Collision Near Auburn Kills One

On Wednesday, December 4, 2019, a collision near Auburn left one individual with fatal injuries. California Highway Patrol (CHP) has stated that the accident happened in the early afternoon and involved multiple vehicles. In addition to the decedent, two other people suffered major and minor injuries, respectively. The Placer County Sheriff’s Office is currently withholding the identity of the decedent pending his family’s notification. Additionally, a crash investigation is ongoing and being conducted by CHP.

Collision Details

The accident occurred at around 1:00 p.m. on Highway 49, close to Cramer Road. A man had been driving a Volkswagen in the highway’s turn lane when his vehicle suddenly swerved. After swerving, the Volkwagen swiped a Ford pickup truck and spun out of control, eventually crashing into a burgundy-colored Acura. The crash impact sent both the Volkswagen and Acura into the highway’s right-hand shoulder.

CHP immediately dispatched emergency responders to the accident site. Upon arriving, responders discovered that the Volkswagen driver was critically injured. Tragically, the man was declared deceased at the collision scene. The driver of the Acura, identified as an elderly man, was sent to a nearby hospital for treatment of severe injuries. The pickup truck driver suffered minor injuries. Whether or not the pickup driver received medical care at a hospital has not been reported. Furthermore, no other individuals suffered injuries as a result of this crash.


As police are looking into what causes may have been involved in this crash, reports on suspected factors remain unavailable. In cases like this one, it’s common that one or more factors involved in the accident are outside of the drivers’ control. These factors can include things like hazardous roads, defective auto parts, and more.

When a driver involved in a crash is not able to tell investigators what happened, it can be hard for them to truly understand what caused the accident. In many cases involving deceased drivers, key evidence is overlooked, meaning negligent parties can’t be held responsible for the damages that they’ve caused. For this reason, it’s critical to contact an Auburn wrongful death lawyer who knows how to investigate accidents with the rights of decedents and their families in mind.

Wrongful Death and Recovery

When people first receive the news of a fatal accident, they can be emotionally devastated. In many cases, feelings of grief make it hard for people to keep up with their lives, and most need additional time, space, and support in order to process their emotions. However, recovering personally can be almost impossible when you have financial concerns to worry about as well. Fatal crashes can leave families without an important source of services and/or income and often have other serious financial impacts as well.

It’s critical for families to have financial stability during traumatic times. Thankfully, families can pursue compensation for both economic and personal losses through wrongful death claims. By filing such a claim, those who’ve lost a loved one can hold negligent parties responsible for damages such as lost income, loss of companionship, funeral costs, medical expenses, and more. To learn more, reach out to a local Auburn personal injury lawyer who has experience working on cases like yours.

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