Clearlake Crash Involving Two Vehicles

Clearlake Crash Involving Two Vehicles Occurs on State Route 29

Two people were injured in a crash involving two vehicles in Konocti Unified School District near Clearlake along northbound State Route 29 on November 14. The crash occurred near Hofacker Lane shortly after 2:00 p.m. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), one of the vehicles went over an embankment

Clearlake Crash Involving Two Vehicles Injures Two People

Wrecker service had to be called to pull that vehicle back onto the roadway. Medics with the fire department transported two patients to a hospital for care and additional evaluation. One patient had suffered moderate injuries, and the other had significant trauma. Detectives with the CHP traffic accident investigation unit are determining how the crash occurred and will be assigning fault.

How a Lawyer Can Help Following a Two-Vehicle Accident 

If you are unlucky enough to suffer an injury in a Clearlake crash involving two vehicles that was another driver’s fault, an injury lawyer can gather the evidence to support your claim and build a solid case to recover damages. Dealing with your injuries is bad enough. It isn’t fair to expect the injured party to assume the financial burden in addition. The responsible party should be accountable for your medical costs and lost wages.

Gathering Evidence to Prove Fault of the Other Party in the Accident

The injury lawyer establishes negligence by investigating the Clearlake crash involving two vehicles to gather evidence. This can include witness statements, analyzing surveillance camera footage, and checking vehicles for mechanical problems. It is also essential to determine if the police report is accurate and perform accident reconstruction to help identify the at-fault driver.

The Benefits of Hiring an Injury Lawyer

Hiring an injury lawyer comes with multiple benefits. Because these lawyers only work in personal injuries, they have much knowledge and experience with legal procedures and negotiating with insurance companies. They work tirelessly to help their clients receive the compensation they deserve. In addition, having an injury lawyer on your side can help ease your stress, allow you to recover in peace, and increase the chance of a successful outcome.

You Only Pay Your Lawyer If You Win

Injury lawyers work on a contingency basis. This means that you won’t owe them anything unless you win your case. Research shows that allowing an accident attorney to handle your injury claim often leads to compensation that is two to three times higher than what you would receive if you try to handle the claim with the insurance company. 

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