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Chronic Pain: Spinal Cord Stimulation

Spinal Cord Injuries

A recent study conducted by the Center for Clinical Research and Carolinas Pain Institute and published in the Neurosurgery Journal found that high-frequency spinal cord stimulation is highly successful in reducing chronic pain. This new way to treat pain is called HF-10 and involves the application of 10 kilohertz of electrical stimulation to nerves in the spinal cord for brief periods of time. It is proving to be particularly helpful for those who endure leg or back pain, such as that due to vehicular accidents or other injuries.

Promising Relief for Chronic Pain Sufferers

Spinal cord stimulation (SCS) is currently being used to treat chronic pain resulting from motorcycle accidents, car accidents, traumatic injury, serious illness, and more, but is used at low frequencies for long periods of time. However, the new study involving HF-10 treatment of pain concludes that high-frequency stimulation of the spinal cord is better at reducing pain than the current method. Of the 171 patients participating in the study, most had undergone back surgery and were taking prescribed opioids for pain.

After just three months, patients who underwent traditional SCS felt a three-point decrease in pain on a pain scale of 1-10;  good, but not good enough. The patients who received HF-10 treatments experienced a five-point decrease in pain. The study included a two-year follow-up on the 171 patients. Even then, those who received the HF-10 treatments fared much better than those who received traditional SCS.

This is great news for those who suffer chronic leg and back pain, often due to accidents involving poor decision-making by truck drivers, or suffered at the hands of companies that make defective products. Research involving the use of HF-10 treatment for those suffering from other types of pain is expected in the near future.

Ease Your Suffering

If you have been in a car crash or seriously injured in some other accident, there is help. New ways of treating chronic pain, such as HF-10, will be widely available soon. If you’ve suffered economically, I can help you determine what kind of financial recourse may be available to you. I have helped many satisfied clients recover lost wages and medical expenses, as well as receive compensation for their pain and suffering. Chronic pain changes your life; you may be less able to work as you did before an accident or even become completely incapacitated when you have been seriously injured.

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