CHP Motorcycle Officer Injured in Roseville Head-On Crash

Accident in Roseville Intersection Injures CHP Motorcycle Officer

A CHP motorcycle officer was hit by a motorist at the intersection of Sierra College Boulevard and East Roseville Parkway on February 5 at about 5:20 a.m. According to a California Highway Patrol (CHP) investigative report, the vehicle that hit the officer was a 2016 Ford Explorer driven by Myisha Jones, a 27-year-old resident of Plumas Lake. Jones was not injured in the Roseville crash, according to the CHP report. The motorcycle officer, who is assigned to the East Sacramento Office, was transported to Sutter Roseville Medical Center. Reports indicate he will recover from his injuries.

How the CHP Motorcycle Officer Accident Happened

The crash occurred when the Explorer turned left off Sierra College Boulevard onto East Roseville Parkway despite a red traffic signal, hitting the motorcycle head-on. The motorcycle officer was thrown from his bike and suffered injuries. The CHP continues to investigate the accident. 

Motorcyclists Face Dangers in Intersections

Motorcyclists are exposed to dangers related to their vulnerability. Unlike motorists, they lack the protection of a steel cage and multiple safety devices. An impact can eject the motorcyclist, where he or she can experience everything from road rash to brain injury. Other problems motorcyclists experience are encounters with road obstacles such as gravel or slick roads, which can result in the motorcycle losing traction and sliding. Other issues are uneven pavements, potholes, and lack of conspicuity

Motorcyclist Injury

The injury ratio between a motorcyclist and the driver of a motor vehicle is grossly uneven. For instance, 13 out of 100,000 drivers are killed in an accident compared with 72 for motorcyclists. In other words, motorcyclists have a 35 times higher risk of being killed in an accident than do motorists. 

Liability Issues

Turning on a red light or not taking the time to look carefully for an approaching motorcyclist or other motorist is negligent behavior that is the basis for a personal injury lawsuit. Without proof of negligence, except in California product liability cases, the lawsuit will not proceed. 

If the intersection construction and maintenance contributed to the accident, it is possible to lodge a complaint against the government agency responsible for its upkeep. A government claim differs from that of other personal injury claims, and your auto accident attorney will ensure that all documents are filed in a timely manner.

Proving Liability in an Intersection Accident

Due to the complexity of an intersection, it is necessary to examine the area for problems that may have led to the crash. At our firm, we send our investigators to the scene, where they look for dangerous road conditions, lack of visibility, and other impediments to safe travel.

They also contact witnesses and obtain videos from traffic surveillance cameras. Our investigators use accident reconstruction techniques to determine liability and review police reports for inaccuracies. Once the investigative phase is completed, the data is turned over to our legal team to structure a robust case for our client and negotiate with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. 

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