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Choosing the Safest Dogs for Families with Kids


Choosing the Safest Dogs for Families with Kids

My name is Ed Smith and my law firm handles Sacramento dog bite injuries. We’ve gained the necessary experience to fully help those who’ve been seriously injured by a dog. Our firm understands how frightening it can be when a dog you thought was friendly and harmless suddenly bites you or your child.

Are Dog Bites a Major Threat to Your Health and Safety?

Over 4.5 million dog bites are reported annually across America and countless more are never even reported. It’s therefore critical for all families with small children to choose a friendly breed of dog. Here are some canine adoption safety tips published online by the American Kennel Club and other experts.

Some Dog Breeds Are More Likely to React Calmly to Children

While many dogs make good companions for adults, you must choose extra calm breeds to interact with children who often move around suddenly or innocently stick their fingers and hands too close to a dog’s face — making him nervous or even frightened. Agitated dogs are much more likely to bite.

Here’s a look at some of the safer dog breeds to adopt and bring into your home.

  1. The Beagle. There’s a reason why the late cartoonist Charles Schulz chose to immortalize a beagle dog he named “Snoopy.” When properly handled by caregivers, these friendly dogs usually get along fine with excited kids. Like most of the other dogs listed here, just be sure to provide this canine with plenty of daily exercise;
  2. Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers. Both breeds usually play friendly with small children and are even quite protective of them. However, like many large dogs (the Golden Retriever is usually a bit smaller than the Labrador), they need plenty of exercise;
  3. The Collie. If you’ve ever seen the old TV show “Lassie,” you know what this larger, gentle dog looks like. Since Collies tend to be rather mild-mannered, they often make great pets for families with small children;
  4. The Newfoundland. This sweet and loveable dog was made famous as the children’s pet in the original “Peter Pan” play. They’re usually quite active and enjoy giving and receiving love;
  5. Irish Setters. When provided with plenty of exercise, these dogs usually have the type of calm demeanor required to play safely with children;
  6. The Poodle. These smart canines tend to have a gentle nature that makes it easy for them to tolerate the rough-and-tumble play of many children. These dogs are born into a wide variety of solid colors including gray, white, apricot, brown, red, and black;
  7. The Dachshund. Although these dogs were originally bred for hunting various animals, they’ve now evolved into excellent companions for both children and adults. Many of them are very friendly and enjoy playing games.

While this list is not intended to be comprehensive, it does include many dogs that breeders often recommend for families with small children.

General Tips for Interacting with your New Dog

Always act calm when training any new pet in your home – and take time to help a new dog adjust to other pets already living there. Also, take your dog to see a veterinarian at least twice a year and provide all required shots – as well as monthly flea and heartworm medications — so your pet will be less likely to become ill and act aggressive for that reason. Finally, it’s critical to always supervise any small child who’s playing with a dog of any size. A sudden and potentially fatal bite can take place in just a matter of seconds.

Sacramento Dog Bite Lawyers

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento dog bite lawyer. If you, or someone that you love has been attacked by a dog, please call me at (916) 921-6400 for free and friendly advice. When calling from outside of Sacramento, you can reach me toll free at (800) 404-5400.

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