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February 13, 2017
Edward Smith


Children at Greater Risk for Vehicle Ejection During Crashes

Three children ejected from an SUV… baby in critical condition following ejection during car accident… child ejected during rollover crash. These are all real examples of catastrophic injuries that have occurred recently. An ejection injury that results from a car accident are one of the worst types of injuries, and the risks are even greater for children. It is vital that all passengers in a motor vehicle wear safety belts, and that young children are buckled in proper child safety seating. Unfortunately, when passengers do not buckle up, or a child is improperly harnessed in their seat, a car accident can lead to serious ejection injuries.

Why Ejection Accidents Happen

The primary cause of an ejection injury is when an unbuckled passenger is thrust through the windshield, a window or the door during a car crash. There are a number of contributing factors that may lead to ejection such as a high rate of speed, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, a malfunctioning seat belt, improper car seat installation, broken doors, windows in bad condition or a rollover. Rollover crashes lead to nearly one-third of fatalities on highways.

Ejection Types

Vehicle ejection can either be a partial ejection or a complete ejection from the vehicle. A partial ejection occurs when an appendage or body part crashes through glass or the outside of the vehicle, but you are not thrown clear. In a partial ejection the appendage or body part that is outside of the car can be crushed if there is a rollover accident. Head and spine injuries are very common in partial ejection with a rollover. The second type is the worst possible scenario. In a complete ejection, or total ejection, the individual is completely thrown out of the vehicle.

Ejection Injury Types

It takes significant momentum for a total ejection to take place, and the injuries that result are serious. These may include cuts, broken bones, concussion, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), fractured skull or spinal column, torn muscles and ligaments, excessive bleeding (both internal and external), paralysis, loss of limbs or loss of life.

Ejection Injuries in Children

The risk of death among children in serious car accidents is much greater than adults. Children younger than four years of age have the highest fatality rate. The most frequent type of injury among children is a traumatic spinal injury – most often caused by failure to use child restraints and child safety seats properly.

Safety Belts are Important

Using a safety belt significantly reduces the risk of ejection from a vehicle. Ensure that you are buckled and that any children in your vehicle are properly restrained. Most communities offer car seat safety checks to help families ensure a safe ride. This includes making sure car seats are properly installed.

What Kind of Glass Do You Have?

You may want to know what kind of glass is in the side windows of your car. Traditional glass shatters making partial or complete ejections more likely. Proposed federal law may require laminated glass that does not shatter as easily and may serve as a protective life net to prevent ejection.

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