Child in Wagon Hospitalized for Injuries from Accident in Modesto

Child Injured in Pedestrian Accident

The Modesto Police Department reported that a child was injured in a pedestrian accident on July 4, 2022. The incident took place at approximately 11:20 a.m. along the 700 block of 15th Street between G Street and 15th Street.

Details on the Pedestrian Accident in Modesto That Left a Child Injured

In a preliminary report by Modesto PD, it was revealed that the Independence Day Parade had just ended, and people were heading out. A Ford F-150 pickup truck was exiting a parking lot approximately two blocks away from the route for the Fourth of July parade. The Ford driver waited for a group to complete crossing the driveway exit and began making his way out when his vehicle allegedly struck a wagon with a 2-year-old girl riding inside.

The child was transported via air ambulance to an area hospital for complaints of leg pain. An update on the child’s condition was not immediately available. However, Modesto PD indicated that the injuries were non-life-threatening. Details on who was pulling the wagon with the child in it and the type of wagon have not yet been released. Modesto PD indicated that the Ford driver was found at fault for the failure to yield the right-of-way before entering the street. An investigation into the pedestrian accident is ongoing, and no other information has been provided by officials.

Things to Know About Pedestrian Accident Cases

A pedestrian accident that results in traumatic injuries may be stressful and overwhelming. When the injured party is a child, the outcome is particularly devastating for the parents or legal guardians of the child. That is because pedestrian injuries to a child may have a lasting psychological and physical impact on the child. The parents or legal guardians of a child injured in a pedestrian accident may bring a personal injury claim against the negligent driver and their insurance company for resulting losses. These may include medical bills, diminished quality of life, permanent injury or disability, pain and suffering, and more. Punitive damages may be available in these cases if there is clear and compelling evidence demonstrating the egregious conduct of the at-fault party, such as driving while impaired.

As parents, we want the best for our children. However, finding out that our child was injured in a pedestrian accident caused by another party or entity is a heartbreaking experience. While financial compensation is often recoverable in such situations, handling a personal injury case on your own may be challenging because of the strict filing criteria and deadlines that apply. Fortunately, assistance from an experienced Modesto pedestrian accident lawyer is available and is only a phone call away. Our legal team at is here for you and your family. We would be honored to put our resources, knowledge, and experience to work for you and your case. Learn more about how we can help by watching this video.

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