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Child Fatally Injured in Woodland Crash

Child Killed in Woodland Crash

According to officers of California Highway Patrol (CHP), a six-year-old child was left with fatal injuries after a car accident that took place in Woodland during the night of Tuesday, June 18, 2019. In addition to the fatally injured child, three other children aged six, seven, and ten were hospitalized with major injuries. A 29-year-old woman was also injured during the incident. Police have arrested one driver on charges of DUI and manslaughter in relation to this collision. I would like to express my sympathy to the families who have been affected by this terrible incident.

Crash Details

CHP stated that a 34-year-old man had been driving a BMW at a high rate of speed heading north on Highway Interstate 5 close to the intersection of County Road 22 at approximately 10:00 p.m. The BMW reportedly failed to navigate around a Nissan pickup truck, slamming into its rear-end. The pickup was thrown off of the highway by the impact and traveled down an embankment, eventually stopping in a nearby field.


When emergency responders arrived at the scene of the collision, they found that all five occupants of the Nissan had been injured. The 29-year-old driver was discovered with moderate injuries while the four children in the vehicle were all found with major trauma. Tragically, one of the two six-year-old children in the vehicle was critically injured and passed away at the scene of the collision. Updates on the condition of the remaining three children have not yet been provided by hospital staff.

Reports indicated that the driver of the BMW was found with significant injuries as well. The man was placed under arrest at the scene of the crash before being released into the custody of medical officials. As of Wednesday, June 19, 2019, he was still in hospital care. Officials say that he will be booked into the Yolo County jail upon being released from the hospital.


While the driver of the BMW has been charged with DUI, authorities are still investigating this accident. CHP has asked that any person who may have witnessed the accident or has information that could help with the investigation contact officers to report what they know. Callers should use the Woodland CHP office’s non-emergency line, (530) 662-4685.

Contacting an Attorney

After a tragedy such as a fatal accident, families are often devastated. During this time, it can be difficult to focus and many people need to step down from the responsibilities of their daily lives in order to process their grief. While taking time to heal is very important, it should not keep you from speaking to an attorney about your options for recovering financially for your damages. Typically, negligent parties start defending themselves right away and having a lawyer early on can be a critical part of claiming the recompense your family deserves. For helpful information on how to find a lawyer you can trust, you can view this video:

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