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An Appellate Court Ruling and a Jury Verdict Highlight Continued Progress in Mesh Litigation 

Surgical mesh products have been used in many ways and for many years to support organs and bind tissues on a temporary or permanent basis.  Two common applications are hernia mesh materials used to close and support abdominal and inguinal hernias that can develop in the muscular walls of the abdomen and pelvic (or transvaginal) mesh procedures used to remedy conditions such as pelvic organ prolapse — common in older women who have given birth to children.  Although often very successful, these medical products and procedures are sometimes problematic, particularly when the mesh materials either react badly with the surrounding tissues or when they don’t remain properly anchored in place.  Some particularly dangerous materials and applications have resulted in numerous lawsuits against medical device manufacturers over the last decade.  Because some surgical mesh products are manufactured and intended to be permanently implanted, problems — and resulting mesh litigation — may arise only many years down the road. 

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