Car Hits East Sacramento Home

Car Hits East Sacramento Home

Car Hits East Sacramento Home

Hits East Sacramento Home

Car Hits East Sacramento Home

I’m Ed Smith, an East Sacramento auto accident attorney. A family in East Sacramento is feeling pretty traumatized after two cars, in two separate incidents, have careened onto their property.

Elvas Avenue Residence

Residents living in a home located on Elvas Avenue indicated that vehicles are in a habit of speeding along their street. The family members no longer feel comfortable in what is supposed to be the family refuge. Frightening memories of a vehicle crashing through their fence is not at all comforting to the two young children residing there. The children’s mother said they feel much more vulnerable and exposed after their property was hit by a car twice. The children are scared about future crashes and possibly being injured.

Curb the Curve!

The family has formed a neighborhood group called Curb the Curve.  The family states that this particular residence has been hit four times. Two times while they have owned the home.

The group is requesting the City of Sacramento to do something immediately to ensure their safety. Suggestions include the installation of traffic calming devices outside their residence. This could include a roundabout, a median or some other form of blocking device to keep speeding vehicles from plowing into their property again.

Sacramento Public Works Department has begun what is called a traffic analysis of the intersection. Its aim is to determine what measures would be appropriate for the area and to safeguard against future property damage and personal injuries.

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