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Car Accident Severely Injures Vacaville Man


Car Accident Severely Injures Vacaville Man

I’m Ed Smith, a Vacaville car accident lawyer. In Vacaville, on Wednesday, January 4, 2016, a 42-year-old male resident of Vacaville suffered a traumatic injury in an accident that occurred at the Seven Flags Car Wash on central Monte Vista Avenue in Vacaville.

What Happened?

An accident happened shortly before 1 p.m. when the man’s leg was ensnared between the body of the vehicle and the door of the driver’s seat while he was attempting to park his car, a red Nissan SUV. Responders included the Vacaville Fire Department as well as officers from the Vacaville Police Department. Sgt. Nathan Benevides reported that they found the man in the parking lot stuck in his vehicle with a severely injured leg.

Benevides indicated to reporters that the man claimed he had not realized that his vehicle was still in drive when he took his foot off of the brake. With his leg already out of the door, the car continued forward and a nearby pole forced the driver door shut, at which point the man’s leg was forcefully pinned. Officials reported that the vehicle’s front end had also collided with a pole, which stopped the vehicle from moving forward any further and mitigated the damage done to the trapped man’s leg.

After the fire department was able to remove him from the car, the injured man was immediately transported to the nearest hospital, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center off of Leisure Town Road.

Leg Injuries

Although the exact nature of the man’s injuries has not been reported to the public by medical officials, it is very possible that he has suffered a fractured femur. Fractured femurs are relatively rare injuries, but can lead to life-threatening complications which include shock or circulatory collapse, infection, and persistent deformity.

Femur Fracture Symptoms

Symptoms of femur fracture include internal bleeding and/or bruising of the thigh, intense thigh pain, the inability to move the thigh, spasming thigh muscles, visible deformity of the thigh, numbness or tingling in the area, and swelling of the entire leg. Additionally, symptoms of a femur fracture that indicate it might be a life-threatening injury include confusion or loss of consciousness, bleeding that cannot be stopped, inability to move the entire leg, low blood pressure, visible protrusion of broken bone through the skin, and extreme pain.

Femur Fracture Treatment

Most frequently, femur fractures are treated surgically. It is common for surgeons to place a metal rod along the femur’s center and fix it into places with bone screws below and above the site of the fracture. These types of rods are known as intramedullary rods and are used to help the bone to heal without deformity. Less commonly, metal plates are used instead of rods in order to connected pieces of a fragmented femur.

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