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November 02, 2022
Edward Smith

Elk Grove-El Dorado County Expressway Connector Phase 1 Completed

Commuters are one step closer to getting from Elk Grove to El Dorado County quicker and safer. The first phase of the Capital Southeast Connector Expressway has been completed.

Phase 1 includes the construction of four lanes from Highway 99 and Interstate 5 in Elk Grove to Highway 50 in El Dorado Hills at the new Silva Valley interchange.

The expansion benefits not only drivers but also bicyclists and pedestrians. There will also be a 35-mile-long continuous trail for bicyclists, pedestrians, and equestrians. City and County officials said the new transportation infrastructure will encourage more commuters to leave their vehicles behind and ease traffic congestion.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony marking the completion of phase 1 of the Capital Southeast Connector Expressway will take place at 10:00 am on Wednesday, November 2, 2022. After the ceremony, a local bicycling group will take the first ride on the new bike trail.

The Capital Southeast Connector Project

The Project will connect the communities of Folsom, Elk Grove, El Dorado Hills, and Rancho Cordova with a safe, modern investment in transportation infrastructure. The Project site is located along White Rock Road at the Prairie City Road intersection in Sacramento County and White Rock Road at the Latrobe Road intersection in El Dorado County.

There are eight existing intersections along White Rock Road in the Project area, which include:

  • Carson Crossing Road
  • Latrobe Road
  • Manchester Drive
  • Placerville Road/Payen Road
  • Prairie City Road
  • Scott Road (south)
  • Scott Road (north)
  • 4 Seasons Drive

Before the improvement, White Rock Road was a two-lane road with no shoulders. Between Latrobe Road and Carson Crossing Road, White Rock Road was a three-lane urban thoroughfare with a sidewalk, gutter, curb, landscaping, and sound walls.

This stretch of the Project will also include drainage facilities and utility relocation along the roadway. The Project is expected to meet traffic demands for the next 20 years.

Why a Connector Expressway is Needed

The Connector Expressway is needed because:

  • The roadways between Folsom and the Counties of El Dorado and Sacramento do not meet traffic demand
  • Roadways are sparse for local east-west circulation
  • White Rock Road will exceed its capacity
  • Roads are inadequate for bicycle and pedestrian traffic
  • The region lacks multi-modal transportation infrastructure
  • Local streets are congested and used by non-local traffic
  • Increasing development infiltrates open space and wildlife habitat
  • The site needs a transportation facility to allow mobility and emergency vehicle access

The Goal of the Connector Expressway

The main goal of the Capital Southeast Connector Expressway is to:

  • Relieve Traffic Congestion: It will reduce about 500,000 hours spent sitting in traffic annually. It will save more than $9 million in lost productivity and travel time costs and reduce congested roadway travel by over 38 million miles a year.
  • Improve Roadway Safety: It will enhance safety by converting a two-lane road into a four-lane expressway. The Connector is projected to reduce the accident rate by about 40 percent when completed. The Connector will also provide an alternate route and improve response times for South Sacramento County during critical emergencies.
  • Drive Economic Development: It will safely connect the communities to jobs, housing, and the marketplace. It will also help attract different businesses to the area, generating more than $1 billion in new economic output.
  • Preserve the Region’s Open Space: It will protect agricultural land while maintaining farmland and the supply of fresh, locally-grown food in Sacramento County.

Watch the YouTube Video: Southeast Connector in Folsom. The video below gives a snapshot of the Southeast Connector Expressway in Folsom.

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