Can a Dog Bite Injury Result in Amputation?

A traumatic dog bite injury can result in amputation of a limb. Oftentimes, losing a finger, hand, foot or leg is not uncommon.  In California alone, there have been many severe dog bite attacks where a victim has lost a limb.  There are many factors in handling a California dog bite case involving these kind of life threatening injuries and requires the help of only an experienced dog bite attorney.

Recently, in Southern California, a four year old boy had to have his leg amputated (below the knee) after a serious dog bite attack. See full news report here.

Amputation resulting from a dog bite can occur under the following circumstances;

1. The dog bite is so severe that the nerves and bones were injured making it difficult to reattach the limb.

2. An infection can develop in the wound site and get into the bone.
When an infection gets into the bloodstream, it can result in septic shock where blood flow is cut off to the limbs. Without the limb being amputated, a person can lose his or her life.

In a dog bite case, if an infection develops, you may be entitled to recover damages for the infection as well.

Losing a limb due to a dog bite injury is traumatic and life-altering. The medical costs alone associated with an amputation are substantial. A dog bite victim who loses a limb will need the help of an experienced dog bite attorney to ensure a recovery for not only current medical costs but also extensive costs for ongoing medical care, prosthetics and physiotherapy rehabilitation.

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