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Caltrans to Begin Vallejo Construction Project

Caltrans to Start Work on Vallejo Construction Project

During the week of Thursday, September 10, 2020, Caltrans announced that they would be beginning work on a Vallejo construction project. The construction will focus on Sonoma Boulevard, otherwise known as State Route 29. Officials indicated that various repairs to the roadway are expected to cause less wear on vehicles and lower the risk of serious auto accidents in the area.

The Project

The construction project will take place along all six miles of Sonoma Boulevard. Caltrans said that they will mainly be performing general pavement maintenance and repair. In order to improve the safety of construction workers as well as the general public, various lanes of Sonoma Boulevard will be temporarily closed to traffic while the project is underway. However, officials indicated that at least one lane in both directions will be available for use at all times.

Motorists have also been asked to watch out for temporary signs along Sonoma as well as “tow away” construction zones. Additionally, Caltrans stated that crews would be closing off the eastbound connector between SR 29 and I-80 overnight on September 14 in order to conduct repairs. Detour signage will reportedly be placed in the area while the closure is in progress.

Caltrans also indicated that local businesses and residents may experience increased levels of noise and that motorists should always practice caution in areas where construction workers are performing their jobs. To get more information and updates about the project, you can visit this page of the Department of Transportation website.

Roadway Issues and Vehicle Accidents

The majority of vehicle accidents happen because of drivers who neglect the rules of the road. However, in many cases, there are factors outside of driver control that contribute to the crash. One of the most common non-driver car accident factors is hazardous roads.

There are many ways in which a roadway can be unsafe. These issues can be divided into two separate categories, poor design and roadway defects. Roadway defects obviously include potholes and large cracks in the pavement. However, they can also be things such as malfunctioning traffic signals, damaged signs, faded roadway markings, and more. These defects can cause drivers to make sudden, unsafe collision-avoidance maneuvers.

Poor roadway design can also be very dangerous. Often, roads lack visibility and make it hard for drivers to anticipate traffic ahead of them. In other cases, a road may lack proper lighting, turn lanes, or other important features. At intersections, the road may even simply be confusing to navigate, increasing the likelihood of a serious collision.

Government Liability

If an issue with a defective or poorly designed road is determined to have caused a crash, the government body responsible for that road can often be held liable as an at-fault party to the accident. However, filing an accident claim against a government entity can be a difficult process and injured parties only have a short period of time to file. For these reasons, it’s critical to get advice from an experienced Vallejo personal injury lawyer as soon as you possibly can.

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