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Broadside Collision Traps Woman in Vehicle Near Modesto

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October 23, 2017
Edward Smith

Broadside Collision Traps Woman in Vehicle Near Modesto

Woman Trapped in Broadside Car Accident 

A woman was driving her minivan in Modesto on the afternoon of Tuesday, October 17, 2017. The woman was struck by another vehicle. Unfortunately, she was hospitalized for traumatic injuries as a result.

We would like to extend our wishes for a full recovery for the woman that was injured in this traumatizing car accident.

What Happened?

A woman was driving her minivan along Yosemite Boulevard in the vicinity of Riverside Drive. The minivan was broadsided by another vehicle operated by a female motorist. The impact of the collision propelled the minivan into a telephone pole, causing the woman to be trapped inside her vehicle.

Firefighters Extricate Woman from Vehicle

Crews from the Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Protection Distriction were dispatched to the scene of a car accident. When they arrived, they located the trapped woman inside a minivan. Firefighters were able to extricate a woman safely in about 10 minutes.

Was Anybody Injured?

The woman driving the minivan suffered moderate injuries and was transported to an area hospital. The female motorist of the other vehicle suffered a hand laceration and received treatment at the scene.

What Caused the Accident?

The cause of the accident is not yet known. Authorities have not yet released a Traffic Collision Report. Usually, traffic reports are processed in seven to ten calendar days.

Broadside Accidents

A broadside accident, also referred to as a T-bone accident, is where the front-end of one vehicle collides with the side of another vehicle. These types of accidents tend to occur at intersections with a motorist running a stop sign or traffic light. Sometimes, these accidents may also be caused by a motorist conducting a left turn in front of an approaching vehicle. Drivers are obligated to clear an intersection and yield to all oncoming traffic that may be close enough to be deemed hazardous. A thorough investigation is often necessary to determine which motorist had the right-of-way in a broadside collision. For more details, contact a seasoned Modesto car accident lawyer.

Injuries from Broadside Accidents

The types of injuries from broadside accidents vary due to the circumstances of a collision. Motorists and passengers may often suffer arm fractures, neck or spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries as a result of such accidents. In more serious situations where the impact pins a vehicle’s occupant inside, a broken leg or hip fracture may occur. It is vital to receive medical attention following a broadside accident. Noting all your symptoms to a medical provider is essential in determining the most beneficial treatment options for your injuries.

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