Body Locations of Degloving Injuries

Degloving Injuries Treatment and Recovery

Body locations of degloving injuries play an essential role in the treatment process and eventual recovery. While some injuries might be minor, others can be severe and could require surgery. There are several locations that a degloving injury might occur. Some of these include:

  • The lower extremities such as the ankles, feet, or thigh
  • The torso including the chest and abdomen
  • Facial degloving injuries
  • The fingers, arms, or even shoulder

Depending on the body location of the degloving injury, the doctor may change his or her treatment plan.

Degloving Injury of the Upper Extremities

A degloving injury of the upper extremity can lead to severe complications. Depending on whether or not the injury includes the finger, the hand, or the entire arm, different body structures could be at risk. Some of the essential structures that could be damaged by a degloving injury of the upper extremity include:

  • The brachial artery
  • Vital nerves such as the median nerve, radial nerve, and ulnar nerve
  • Crucial muscles that play an essential role in finger and hand dexterity

The depth and extent of the degloving injury will dictate whether or not these associated structures are impacted. If any of these structures are damaged, the complications could be permanent. In some situations, if blood flow to the upper extremity is completely lost, amputations could be required.

Degloving Injuries of the Lower Extremity

Similarly, degloving injuries that involve lower extremities are also serious. These could take place in a motorcycle accident, rock climbing accident, or falls from a great height. Several important structures run through the lower extremity. A few of these are:

  • The femoral artery, nerve, and vein
  • The popliteal artery
  • Muscles, ligaments, and tendons that play a role in the function of the foot and ankle

If a degloving injury involves the lower extremity, it could impact someone’s ability to walk in the future. This can have severe impacts on that person’s quality of life.

Special Body Locations: Specific Degloving Injuries

While degloving injuries often involve the extremities, they can also involve the face, chest, or abdomen. If the degloving injury involves one of these body locations, there could be serious consequences. Some of these are:

  • Facial Degloving Injuries: If a degloving injury involves the face, it could scar that person’s appearance permanently. This could lead to drastic consequences on their self-confidence,  self-esteem, and mental health.
  • Chest and Abdomen Degloving: The torso is home to numerous vital organs, including the heart, lungs, liver, and pancreas. Deep degloving injuries involving the chest or abdomen could place all of these organs at risk.

Degloving injuries are medical emergencies, and many of these will require emergency surgery. In some situations, degloving injuries could even lead to an amputation. Because of this, it is crucial for families to seek medical care as quickly as possible. After this, a consultation with an injury lawyer could also help in the recovery process. 

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