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Big-Rigs Collide with Farm Tractor in Major Chico Truck Accident

Big-Rigs, Farm Tractor Involved in Major Chico Truck Accident

One person was sent to the hospital with severe injuries on Tuesday, April 6, 2021, after a serious Chico truck accident. According to details reported by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the accident involved two separate big-rig trucks as well as a farming tractor. Updates on the condition of the hospitalized driver haven’t been reported at this time and the accident is still under official CHP investigation.

Crash Details

The crash reportedly happened at about 3:00 a.m. on Tuesday on Highway 99 close to Keefer Road just north of Chico. According to police, the tractor was heading north on the highway with a big rig following it. For unknown reasons, the big rig crashed into the rear end of the tractor, pushing it off the highway and into a ditch. As a result of the initial crash, the big rig overturned, landing on its side. How the second big rig became involved in the crash was unclear, but CHP reported that the vehicle also ended up in a ditch on the side of the highway.

Additionally, CHP indicated that one of the involved semi-trucks was a tanker carrying a load of diesel fuel. The accident caused the fuel tank to rip, and more than 100 gallons of fuel spilled onto the roadway and flowed over onto the highway shoulder. Officers indicated that the nearby waterways were not affected by the spill and that Caltrans employed solvents in order to clean the hazardous material from the area.


Following the crash, response officials were dispatched to the scene. When they arrived, police discovered that one of the drivers was seriously hurt and had him driven to the Enloe Medical Center via ambulance to be given medical care. Whether or not any other individuals were injured was not reported.


While CHP conducts their accident investigation, involved officers haven’t yet reported what, if any, causes they believe might have been involved. In many cases, truck accidents happen because of something that the driver has no power to control. For instance, trucks may have faulty parts that leave drivers unable to safely avoid a crash or highways might have damaged asphalt or other hazards that force drivers into a dangerous situation.

It’s Important to Take Action Quickly After a Truck Accident

After truck accidents, it’s often possible for injured parties to obtain payments to cover their medical bills and other damages. However, trucking companies will usually get started right away working on a legal defense in order to avoid paying out compensation to injured parties. To combat this, it’s very important to seek help from a Chico truck accident lawyer as soon as you are able.

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