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October 28, 2021
Edward Smith

Big Rig Crash on SR-59 in Merced County

A report by officials in Merced County revealed details of a big rig crash on SR-59 on the morning of Monday, October 25, 2021. The truck accident occurred shortly after 5:40 a.m. on southbound State Route 59 and Reilly Road.

Details on the Big Rig Crash Reported on SR-59 in Merced County

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) responded to a report of a tractor-trailer accident involving three vehicles. Upon arrival, officials located two big rigs and a Ford F-350 pickup truck. The roadway was blocked following the truck accident.

The incident prompted the response of Riggs Ambulance Service and fire department crews to assist those involved. Information on the number of injured parties and what caused the big rig crash was not immediately provided by CHP traffic officers.

What Types of Damages May Be Recovered in a Truck Accident Case?

Without a doubt, an auto accident may wreak havoc on the lives of those involved, particularly when traumatic injuries were sustained. Such situations may lead to mounting medical expenses, lost time from work, and extensive recovery periods. While any type of traffic collision may have the potential to result in devastating consequences, big rig crashes tend to be especially catastrophic because of the overwhelming size and weight of these vehicles. When a tractor-trailer is involved in a crash with a passenger vehicle, there may be serious injuries or even wrongful death to those riding in smaller cars.

When bringing a bodily injury claim for financial compensation, injured parties may seek recovery of economic and non-economic damages from the negligent truck driver and trucking company. Such cases are generally brought against the insurers representing at-fault parties. Some of the losses that may be claimed include medical expenses in connection to accident-related injuries, earnings that were lost because of the big rig crash, and pain and suffering due to the traumatic incident. When it comes to retaining legal counsel to represent you in a commercial truck accident case, not just any lawyer will do. For information on how to find the best injury attorney to represent you, watch this video.

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