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Big Rig Crash Blocks Northbound I-5 at Yolo Bypass

Yolo Bypass – All Lanes of Interstate 5 Blocked

The busy commuter route of northbound Interstate 5 (I-5) at the Yolo Bypass had all lanes blocked on Monday morning as a result of a big rig crash.

Details of the Yolo Bypass Incident

At around 7:20 a.m. on Monday, November 29, 2021, reports of a crash involving a big rig and another vehicle came into the California Highway Patrol (CHP). Personnel from the Woodland Fire Department released photographs that showed part of an overturned big rig dangling over the overpass. The crash site was near County Road 22 in Woodland. 

Felxterra Strewn Across Highway

The big rig had been hauling parcels of Felxterra, an agricultural growth medium that is used to protect soil from erosion. When the semi-truck overturned, the parcels were strewn across the interstate and below the overpass, leaving a green mess all over the roadway.

SigAlert Issued for Long-Term Highway Closure

This portion of I-5 is especially busy due to its proximity to the Sacramento International Airport. Traffic was being diverted to County Road 22 and officials stated that a long-term highway closure was expected. As such, a SigAlert was issued for northbound I-5. Hours after the accident, there was still no estimated time of clearing.

Following the crash and highway closure, area traffic was often at a standstill. Vehicles were backed up into the Natomas area and Del Paso Road. 

Anyone who needs to get to the airport is advised to plan for extra time and alternate routes. 

Cause of Yolo Bypass Crash Yet to be Determined

It is not known what led to the crash. Some reports say that the big rig swerved, then crashed to its side, leaving it partly hanging over the edge of the Yolo Bypass. From the released photos, there appeared to be at least one other involved vehicle.

Information on any injuries has not yet been released.

Watch the YouTube video. KCRA’s LiveCopter 3 posted helicopter footage of the crash site.

Who is Responsible for an Unsecured Load?

Whenever a big rig spills its contents onto the roadway, it can be extremely dangerous. Other vehicles can crash into the spilled objects. Unsecured cargo can also damage surrounding vehicles. Still another danger occurs when vehicles swerve to avoid the debris in the road and as a result, hit other vehicles or fixed objects.

When a driver loses an unsecured load and causes an accident, the driver is responsible for any damages caused. Additionally, if the driver is employed by a company, that business will likely share liability.

How to Avoid a Crash With Unsecured Cargo

Be aware of other vehicles in your vicinity that are hauling cargo and use extra caution.

  • Increase your vehicle’s following distance. Keep a greater than normal distance between your car and any vehicle that is loaded with cargo.  This will allow more time to react if the cargo dislodges and falls into your path.
  • Don’t get boxed in. Leaving space for your vehicle to move to the side if necessary can give you an escape route if you unexpectedly encounter loose cargo or other road debris.
  • Be extra careful in cold weather. This tip is for when you are driving to Tahoe during a winter storm, for example. If a driver fails to clear their vehicle of ice chunks before they begin their journey, those heavy chunks can fly off and hit your vehicle.  Increase your following distance.
  • Personal vehicle maintenance. It is your responsibility to make sure that your vehicle does not have any loose parts that could come off while driving, and that any cargo you are carrying is properly secured.

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