Bicyclist Hit by a Garbage Truck in Chico

Bicyclist Injured in Garbage Truck Crash

On Tuesday, September 7, 2021, at around 7:55 a.m., officers with the Chico Police Department (CPD) were alerted to a serious traffic incident in which a young woman who was riding a bicycle was hit by a garbage truck. 

Details of the Incident

A witness called into CPD shortly before 8:00 a.m. to report that a young woman was trapped underneath a large sanitation truck. The incident took place at the intersection of Nord Avenue and West Sacramento Avenue.

Rapid Scene Response

When officers from CPD and personnel with the Chico Fire Department arrived at the scene, they quickly located the injured bicyclist. She was conscious and able to respond to basic questions despite being in a significant amount of pain due to serious leg injuries. She was transported to a local hospital and an update on her condition has not yet been released.

The Incident Investigation Continues

The Major Accident Investigation Team, which is part of the CPD, has been assigned to investigate this incident. An officer with CPD indicated that they had determined that the crash was not the result of an intentional act. Further details are unknown and investigation into the cause of the accident conditions. If anyone witnessed the events leading to the collision, they are asked to contact the Chico Police Department.

Large Trucks Present Dangers to Bicyclists

Large commercial trucks serve an important role in our country. They do, however, pose certain safety risks when they are moving in the proximity of bicyclists and pedestrians. Stronger vehicle safety requirements may be able to decrease those risks.

Federal data reveals that truck safety has been in decline since 2009, as evidenced by the following:

  • Truck crashes and injuries are at some of their highest levels in over two decades.
  • The number of bicyclists and pedestrians killed in large truck crashes has increased 30-45 percent in recent years.

Truck Underride Crashes 

While it is not known whether the recent accident in Chico where a bicyclist was hit by a garbage truck was an underride crash, those types of crashes bear looking into. Underride crashes represent a unique safety challenge when others are traveling in the same area as large trucks. An underride crash is one in which a vehicle, pedestrian, or bicyclist travels underneath the trailer of a big rig.  Rear underride guards are required by law, but the existing standards may be inadequate. 

Some additional safety measures that could be taken to address truck crashes include:

  • Strengthening of the federal safety standard for rear underride guards
  • Mandating side underride guards on trailers
  • Research on the benefits of implementing front override guards on trucks
  • Requiring scheduled maintenance for underride guards

Watch the YouTube video. Below is a clip uploaded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration with bicycle safety tips.

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