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December 28, 2019
Edward Smith

One Killed and Several Injured in Rancho Cordova Crash

An intersection fatality occurred in Rancho Cordova on December 24, 2019, at the intersection of Sunrise Boulevard and Fitzgerald Road at about 7:00 in the morning. According to a representative of the Rancho Cordova Police Department, a vehicle, described as a pickup, ran through a red light and broadsided a car. One occupant of the t-boned car died in the crash and was said to be a resident of Folsom.

The deceased was identified by the coroner’s office in Sacramento County as 48-year-old Ryan Senior. Capt. Chris Vestal, a spokesman for the  Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District, said that one other occupant of the broadsided vehicle was in critical condition and transported to the hospital. Two others had minor injuries and were also taken to the hospital. It is unknown how and why the accident happened at this time. There have been no updates concerning their condition. 

Further Details About the Intersection Fatality

Sunrise Boulevard traffic heading south was halted as the road was closed down from International Drive. This closure occurred while Sacramento Fire and Rancho Cordova Police were investigating and clearing the crash. As of the time of this report, no arrests have been made. 

Losing a Loved One in an Intersection Fatality

Family members face overwhelming grief when a loved one is killed in an intersection fatality. This sudden turn of events is hard to comprehend and can be met with initial shock. Often, the person will not believe the news of a loved one’s death is real. This world-changing event can lead to depression, guilt, fear and anxiety. Many people feel that if they said or did something that might have kept the person at home, the event would not have happened. Others think that if it happened once, it could happen again and are fearful. This leaves the family members feeling overwhelmed and alone. To grasp the situation, they may enter into a period where they find it necessary to review the details of the intersection fatality repeatedly. Common symptoms of this type of bereavement are:

  • The person may become overly active or be too tired to move.
  • The bereaved person may have problems concentrating and find it difficult to make decisions.
  • They may find it difficult to sleep. Alternately, they may sleep excessively. 
  • The grieving person may lose their appetite and not eat for days on end.

What Family Members Can Do to Help

There are ways to help someone facing a sudden death in the family:

  • Do jobs around the house such as grocery shopping and cooking the person handled before. 
  • Offer to pick up prescriptions at the pharmacy or the children from school, giving the grieving person time to rest. 
  • Visit and let the family members talk about how they feel. Chances are they will have many questions about the reason for the intersection fatality. 
  • Offer to take them to appointments or to the funeral facility. End-of-life necessities are difficult to do alone. 

Please watch the following video presented by attorney Ed Smith on wrongful death claims:

Dealing With Loss of Support

Many people suddenly have difficulty paying the usual bills, such as a mortgage, after a loved one has died. This loss of financial and emotional support adds to the grief that they already feel. It is possible to reclaim such damages by filing a wrongful death claim. It provides financial compensation to pay for burial and funeral costs, as well as compensate the family for the loss of affection and support and other monetary damages. It is essential to speak to a wrongful death lawyer about filing this type of lawsuit against the negligent driver who caused the loved one’s demise.

Finding Liability in an Intersection Accident

Running a red light is both unlawful and negligent. Sometimes, both parties say they had a green light. In such cases, it is vital to have the help of an injury lawyer on your side. At our firm, we make sure that we obtain video footage of the crash from cameras on traffic lights or from nearby stores. This provides proof of who did have a red light and which party did not stop. In addition, our investigators look for clues of negligence at the accident site and speak to witnesses who saw the crash happen. They also review the police report carefully for mistakes since it is widely used to show who was at fault during negotiations with the insurer or in court. Once all the evidence is accumulated, the investigators turn it over to our legal team to be used in structuring a strong case for our client.

Wrongful Death Lawyers in Rancho Cordova

I’m Ed Smith, a Rancho Cordova wrongful death lawyer. When a family member is killed by a negligent driver, an attorney can provide the assistance you need in this trying time. Call me at (916) 921-6400 or (800) 404-5400 for free and friendly advice. If it is easier for you, use my convenient contact us form on my website.

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