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July 27, 2015
Edward Smith

Elk Grove's Distracted Drivers

Before the Impact comes to Elk Grove

The Elk Grove Police Department joined forces with the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office to bring Before the Impact prevention program to Elk Grove and citizens throughout Sacramento County.

The program focuses on the impact of making unsafe driving decisions, including driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs and distracted driving.  The program also focuses on the risk of riding in cars with unsafe drivers.  Many times, a passenger’s injuries are greater than that of the distracted or impaired driver.

During a 90-minute presentation, middle and high school students in Elk Grove get a close-up look at what happens before and after a collision. These presentations include dramatic photos, victim’s clothing, and even the actual vehicle of a crash is brought in to show the devastation.  This is proving to be a powerful teaching tool.

Before the Impact is also being presented to clubs and organizations throughout Elk Grove and Sacramento county.

Before the Impact is made possible by grant funding from the California Office of Traffic Safety via the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office. This funding included an allocation for one full-time Elk Grove Community Services Officer (salary and benefits). This officer is responsible for delivering the program.  Her contact information is listed below.

Deadly auto accidents are responsible for taking more lives than any other cause for those 34 years of age and under.  Teens are at the highest risk for losing their lives in distracted driving or impaired driving accidents.  Distracted driving is anything that takes the driver’s attention away from the road.  We’ve all seen it many times and some of us have even engaged in it ourselves. Distracted driving includes talking on your cell phone, texting, watching a video or taking photos while operating your motor vehicle.  Other driving distractions include talking or fussing with your children, grabbing for items in the car, eating, playing with the radio, ad infinitum.

We hear in the news on a regular basis how auto accidents are being caused by distracted or impaired drivers.  These inconsiderate individuals are taking the lives of our innocent an unsuspecting loved ones and friends.  Why do people get behind the wheel of a car that weighs nearly 4,000 lbs and decide it’s perfectly acceptable to text while driving or do any of the other negligent actions mentioned above?  Are we in that much of a hurried lifestyle that we cannot focus on the task at hand — driving from Point A to Point B safely?

For more information about Before the Impact comes to Elk Grove contact:  Misty Dailey, Community Services Officer at [email protected].  Telephone:  (916) 862-0597.  You may also contact Officer Christopher Trim, Elk Grove Police Department Public Information Officer at (916) 627-3709.

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