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Bay Area Set to Welcome Speed Cameras

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November 05, 2023
Edward Smith

The Bay Area Prepares for the Arrival of Speeding Cameras

Governor Gavin Newsom has recently approved a groundbreaking measure that paves the way for installing speed cameras in Oakland, San Francisco, and San Jose. These cameras are slated to debut as early as January 2024, although drivers will have an initial grace period to adjust to the new enforcement system. Ultimately, fines for speeding offenses could range from $50 to $500, and no law enforcement officer will be required to physically arrest offenders.

Pam Foley, San Jose City Councilmember and chair of the Vision Zero Task Force chair, an initiative aimed at reducing traffic-related fatalities, has expressed her enthusiasm for this program. She views it as an invaluable addition to their toolkit, supplementing their limited traffic enforcement resources and enabling them to crack down on speeding violations, a significant contributor to fatal accidents. Shockingly, this year alone, San Jose has witnessed 41 fatalities linked to traffic accidents, many of which involved speeding.

How the Process Works

While the precise locations for these speed cameras remain undecided, they will be strategically placed in school zones, areas with a high frequency of accidents, or regions where street racing is prevalent. The implementation of this program will follow a meticulous process:

  1. A public information campaign will precede the program’s initiation by 30 days.
  2. Cities will make public announcements regarding the camera locations.
  3. Fixed cameras will be the exclusive surveillance method; mobile radar units will not be deployed.
  4. Facial recognition technology will not be employed.
  5. An appeals process will be available to those who wish to challenge their tickets.

Privacy Concerns

However, the introduction of this program is not without controversy. Privacy concerns have been raised by civil liberties groups. Cat Brooks, the executive director of the Anti-Police Terror Project, argues that expanding video surveillance in Oakland poses a significant risk to civil liberties, misallocates public funds, and disproportionately surveils low-income and minority communities.

On the flip side, proponents of the initiative argue that the prospect of receiving a speeding ticket via camera might finally be the deterrent needed to compel individuals to reduce their speed, change their driving behavior, and potentially save lives. Following the launch of the speed camera program, suspected speeders will only receive warning notices in the mail during the initial 60-day grace period; after that, tickets and fines will be issued.

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