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Baby Strollers and Street Crossings

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March 02, 2015
Edward Smith

A recent article   on Fox hi-lited a San Diego accident where a father was pushing a baby carriage across an intersection while walking with the mother when he and the baby were struck

by an SUV, and both suffered severe head injuries.

As a pedestrian injury attorney, accidents involving speeding SUVs striking pedestrians with strollers are more and more common. Here is another such accident.

Parents pushing a stroller should be aware that drivers may see them but be oblivious to a stroller. Additionally, parents and drivers should realize that it is difficult for a parent pushing

a stroller to change directions quickly.

Parents should also realize that some drivers get anxious and are afraid that the stroller-pushing parent will slow them down, so they actually accelerate when they see someone with

a stroller.

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