Avoiding Paradise Trucking Collisions

Avoiding Paradise Trucking Collisions

Semi trucks that haul goods over long distances are a key part of California’s economy. The California Department of Transportation states that more than three-quarters of communities across the state are reliant on these large vehicles to bring important goods such as gasoline, medical supplies, and food to their citizens. Furthermore, California has a very large coastline with many ports and serves as one of the nation’s most important agricultural areas. All of this means that semi trucks are a very common sight on California roads. Because local drivers are likely to drive near large trucks, it is important to know how to drive safely around semis. This blog contains valuable safety information about sharing the road with commercial trucks.

Trucking Accident Factors

Trucking collisions can happen for numerous reasons. Some of the more common factors that can cause serious trucking accidents include the following:

Staying Safe

While accidents aren’t always avoidable, drivers can take action to reduce their risk of being severely injured in a crash. The following safety tips are some of the best ways to increase your safety when driving near large trucks.

  • Avoid blind spots – driving in a truck’s blind spot, especially if you are next to the side of the truck’s trailer, can mean that drivers don’t even know you are there. This means that a truck driver may attempt to change lanes or turn and crowd you off of the road or into a dangerous crash. It’s important to make sure that truckers can see you and to move quickly through blind spots if you need to pass a large vehicle.
  • Keep your distance – large trucks usually weigh several tons and easily be over 70 feet long. All of this size and weight means that trucks are difficult to maneuver and take a long time to stop. Even if a trucker sees you, they may not be able to avoid a crash if there isn’t enough space between your vehicle and theirs. It’s especially important to allow trucks space to navigate tight turns, as they often bow out and take up multiple lanes.
  • Drive predictably, defensively, and cautiously – truck drivers are professionals, but it is important to practice safe driving habits no matter where you are. Make sure that you keep your focus on the road, signal well before turning or changing lanes, and take frequent breaks if you are traveling long distances.

Watch YouTube Video – from Paradise Truck Accident Lawyer Ed Smith – Recovering Truck Accident Damages

People who have been hurt in a trucking crash can often obtain payments for their damages by filing personal injury claims against trucking companies. However, personal injury claims can vary widely depending on the details of a case. If you’d like to know more about what kinds of payments can be claimed after a trucking accident, check out the below video produced by my firm. If you want advice about your specific situation, it’s always best to talk with a well-reviewed Paradise truck accident lawyer.

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