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February 14, 2020
Edward Smith

A Simple Request

William White may not have been prepared for the outpouring of love he received this Valentine’s Day. “Major Bill” White is a 104-year-old veteran who earned a Purple Heart in World War Two. He made a simple request for Valentine’s cards back in January. That simple request was heard by a friend of WWhite’s, who then turned it into a social media campaign dubbed “Operation Valentine.” The world responded in a “major” way. Reports vary on how many ValenValentine’stings White has received, but the boxes stacked around him are piled waist-high. The greetings and honors had topped 70,000 a week before the holiday and showed no signs of slowing. The final count could easily exceed 300,000 cards and letters. joins the honors of Major Bill White this Valentine’s Day.

Mr. White was injured on March 3, 1945, when a grenade exploded less than a foot away from him and several fellow Marines. The injuries took him out of the combat zone, but he remained an active-duty Marine for 30 years. He now resides in Stockton, California, at an assisted living facility, where he stays active and attends to one of his favorite hobbies, scrapbooking. He now has boxes and boxes of greetings from new friends.   As the population of the Greatest Generation dwindles, this astounding outpouring of love indicates how grateful Americans are for the brave service of our WWII veterans.

A staff member of paid a visit to Major William White, bringing well wishes from our entire office and treats for Major White and the assisted living staff:


Happy Valentine’s Day to MajValentine’ste and all servicemen and women, active duty and retired. We are grateful for your service today and every day.

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