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November 04, 2014
Edward Smith

Statistics reveal that nearly all skateboard accidents involve a minor children, usually under the age of 15.  Approximately, eighty-five percent of all skateboarding accidents involve boys.

In regards to skateboard accidents most of them have been found to occur between the hours of  3 p.m. and 6 p.m.  In part, this can be because of an influx of traffic during the rush hour.  Additionally, drivers in ‘rush hour traffic’ may demonstrate less patience or experience some degree of stress due to the traffic and thus be less attentive.  Another factor that contributes to increased amounts of collisions at that hour is the setting sun.  At times, the glare may temporarily impair the vision of some drivers and obscure the visibility of a child on a skateboard.  During certain times of the year, it is already dark around 5 p.m. thus making it more difficult for drivers to see a child riding his skateboard.  (Incidentally, a study in 2011 indicated that children are four times more likely to get hurt when riding after sunset.)

When a child is on a bicycle, the bike may catch a driver’s eye due to their having metal components and reflective tape.  Bikes will often also provide some ‘height’ to the child making the minor more visible to the driver.  Unfortunately, a child on a skateboard, with no shiny metal components, reflective tape and with no added height may not be as visible to the driver.

The reality is that children on skateboards are less common than say the amount of children who walk or ride their bike to school. Since they are less common on the road, some drivers lack experience or have not yet become attuned or accustomed to be on the lookout for children on skateboards.

Unfortunately, statistics indicate that the smaller a child is, the higher the risk for severe injury to occur, such as brain injury. The risk factor increases with children under the age of ten.  Risks of collision can be complicated by the behavior of the child on the skateboard, perhaps riding against the flow of traffic or riding into the street without stopping.

Typical injuries to children struck by an auto while on a skateboard includes wrist fractures.  This is common due to the natural reflex to break a fall with an outstretched arm. Facial injuries may also occur. Other common injuries in this scenario include lacerations to the body, nasal fractures, lost or chipped teeth, and muscle strains.  In collisions involving the high speed of an auto, severe traumatic brain injury is common.

If your child has been injured in a serious skateboarding accident, you need legal representation.  It is not uncommon for an insurance company to place the blame for the skateboard accident solely on the minor child.  An insurance company may state that any issues involving visibility of the child is not the driver’s fault.  Therefore, you must speak to a lawyer to help you handle these liability issues. Please contact the Edward A Smith Law Offices for advice.  Their experienced team of personal injury professionals can help steer you through the claims process.   They can be reached via e-mail at [email protected] or via phone at (916) 921-6400.   While their website is called they practice many facets of personal injury law and have successfully resolved numerous skateboard claims since 1982.

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Photo Attribution: PD-author|Abraham Del Pozo via Wikimedia Commons