Audi A3 Engine Control Software Recall

Audi A7 Airbag Recall

Audi A7 Airbag Recall

The German automaker, Audi, has recently issued a recall of their trending luxury sedans. The recall was listed as a safety issue for a defect in airbag deployment.

Information About the Recall

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has announced a recall on May 1, 2017. The recall affects approximately 17,694 Audi vehicles on the roadway today. The main area of concern for this recall stems from the head curtain airbags improperly deploying in the incident of an automobile accident, increasing the risk of injury to an unrestrained passenger. The airbags for these vehicles have fallen short of the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) #226, regarding “Ejection Mitigation”.

What is Ejection Mitigation?

Ejection mitigation, as defined in FMVSS #226, is the effort to reduce the ejection of vehicle occupants through the side windows in automobile collisions, specifically rollover accidents. This effort is supplemented through air bag technology, such as airbag curtains, which are intended to prevent an occupant from being ejected out of a vehicle. FMVSS anticipates that manufacturers will continue to modify side impact airbag curtains to meet the agency’s safety standards.

Which Vehicles are Affected by the Recall?

The recall affects the following vehicles manufactured by the Volkswagen Group of America, Inc.:

  • 2015 to 2017: Audi A7

Recall Remedy

Audi will notify owners of the affected vehicles in the recall. Dealers will replace the head curtain airbags in these cars at no charge. The recall has been stated to begin on June 29, 2017. Owners may contact the Audi customer service line at (800) 253-2834 for more details.

Technological Advances in Air Bag Deployment

Airbag deployment in vehicles are constantly changing due to technological advances. The reason for this is to prevent traumatic or fatal injuries to accident victims. Side-impact airbags (SABs) were first introduced in 1995 by Mercedes-Benz and Volvo. SABs may be implemented through different designs such as in doors, seats and window curtains. The main objective behind SABs is to prevent head and thorax injuries. According to a study by the NHTSA, SABs have been found to be associated with a lower risk of head injuries.

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