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November 23, 2022
Edward Smith

I-80 Multiple-Vehicle Accident at Elm Avenue Included Jackknifed Big Rig

Traffic on Interstate 80 was stalled when a multiple-vehicle accident occurred involving a jackknifed big rig on November 20. There were two collisions along the freeway at the I-80 exit for Elm Avenue in the afternoon. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that the initial collision involved three vehicles.

Flatbed Big Rig Fails to Stop in Time to Avoid Collision

However, a flatbed trailer truck driver attempted to avoid the multiple-vehicle accident but jackknifed and caused two or three additional vehicles to become involved in the collision. Traffic heading westbound along the interstate was heavily impacted. It was reported by Caltrans that the area reopened around an hour later, but the traffic was moving slowly. 

Multiple-Vehicle Accident Under Investigation

Drivers were advised to take alternate routes. No information was provided on injuries incurred in the crash. An investigation is underway by the CHP to determine fault and how the multiple-vehicle accident occurred.

Accidents Involving Jackknifes

Jackknifing can occur when a big rig is slowed incorrectly or with the wrong brakes. Another vehicle could also strike the big rig, or the driver may have to make an emergency maneuver. Jackknifes occur when a trailer moves at a faster speed than the cab pulling it. When the trailer swings around at a 90-degree angle, it can impact other nearby vehicles, resulting in serious injuries or fatalities.

Determining Fault in a Multiple-Vehicle Accident

In an accident involving multiple vehicles, more than one driver is commonly negligent. Some of the ways in which negligence can be involved include:

  • Speeding is a common cause of accidents. When a driver is speeding and an accident occurs up ahead, the driver often doesn’t have time to stop before crashing into it.
  • Distracted driving includes things such as texting, chatting on a phone, changing a radio station or accessing GPS. Looking away from the roadway and surrounding traffic for just several seconds is long enough to be involved in an accident.
  • Tailgating is another reason drivers become involved in a multiple-vehicle accident. Obviously, if a car ahead stops suddenly, the driver behind will not have time to get out of the way or slow down before their vehicle becomes involved also.
  • Reckless driving encompasses speeding and tailgating but also cutting in and out of traffic and other maneuvers that endanger others.
  • Drunk driving occurs far too often and frequently leads to an accident. The drunk driver cannot stay in their lane, judge their distance from other vehicles, and shows poor judgment.

An accident attorney can determine which driver/drivers were at fault for your crash injury. In this way, the injured party can file a claim for compensation to recover what they deserve.

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