Artistic Outlets for Expressing Grief


Artistic Outlets for Expressing Grief

I’m Ed Smith, an Antelope Wrongful Death Lawyer. One of the most challenging losses we face in life is the death of a loved one, especially under circumstances where the death may have been avoidable. The emotional trauma that persists after the death of a beloved person can feel overwhelming and uncontrollable. However, traumatic experiences can be used to create a positive impact on yourself and society. Our imagination can discover infinite ways to express grief creatively. Here are several suggestions for expressing grief through various arts.

Therapeutic Writing

There is a large amount of research that finds a statistically significant link between writing about trauma and an increase in immune system functioning, which suggests that writing about grief can have positive health effects. Writing can take many different artistic forms – song lyrics, stories, diary entries, poetry, and more. You can buy a journal to keep a record of your negative life experiences, or you can write a letter to the lost loved one whom you are grieving over. The power of writing can be both therapeutic and enlightening. Writing allows us to make sense of things that are hard to put into words. Putting our thoughts and feelings onto paper allows us to find meaning in our experiences, and those who can derive meaning from stressful events develop a stronger awareness of the positive aspects of negative events.

Imaginative Drawing

The American Art Therapy Association has published multiple journals that mention art therapy research. One study came to the conclusion that 45 minutes of creative activity highly reduces cortisol (a major stress hormone) levels in the body, regardless of your artistic skills. Art Therapy is known to relieve stress and promote creativity. Art is a way to reconnect with your inner child, which can be both liberating and relaxing. For those who are feeling down and full of immense grief, art is an opportunity to stop focusing on everything in your head and live in the present moment. Creating artistic landscapes that convey your feelings about stressful past experiences can help you process your emotions, an understanding key to emotional healing.

Performance Art

Performance arts are traditions as old as humankind itself. This includes dancing, improvisational acting, dance choreographing, music composition, and more. Performance art can heal the artist and the audience, and the power of the artistic process can be both a physical and mental healing force. Research has shown that performing arts in healthcare interventions have positively contributed to reduced levels of depression and improvements in the quality of life, reductions of stress, and increased self-esteem. The creative arts focus on a mind-body-spirit connection, the all-inclusive form of personal expression. The mind and the body are connected substances, which is why performance art can simultaneously nourish the soul and heal the body.

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