Antelope Two-Vehicle Crash Requires Extrication

Accident on Antelope Road Sends One Person to the Hospital

A two-vehicle crash in Antelope along Antelope Road required emergency extrication of at least one person on April 10. The collision occurred along Antelope Road eastbound around 1:30 p.m., according to a spokesperson for Sacramento Metro Fire. The roadway remained closed for more than three hours. It was reported that one injured person was taken to a hospital, however, no additional information was released.

Emergency Extrication in a Two-Vehicle Crash

Emergency extrication is needed when a driver or vehicle passenger becomes trapped inside following a traffic collision. Getting the trapped person out quickly is important, especially if they have suffered a traumatic brain injury or another type of serious trauma. In addition, following a two-vehicle crash, there may be a risk of fire or being struck by an oncoming car or truck, which can amplify injuries and increase the danger of a fatality.

Common Causes of a Two-Vehicle Crash

Two-vehicle crashes occur every day because of negligent driving. A two-vehicle collision can be caused by numerous types of negligence, including the following:

  • Running red lights and stop signs: Often, this type of driver is a speeder or the motorist simply thinks he or she can go through an intersection without their vehicle getting hit. Aggressive driving involves running red lights and stop signs.
  • Distracted driving: Two-vehicle collisions are often caused by distracted driving. Texting and looking at a cell phone while driving not only takes the driver’s hands off the wheel and their eyes off the road, but it also changes their focus. A few seconds of distracted driving can increase the likelihood of a traffic accident.
  • Fatigue: The effects of fatigued driving have been compared to that of intoxication. Often, the driver is not aware that their tiredness makes driving dangerous. Their reactions behind the wheel of a car are similar to someone who is intoxicated or using drugs. It is common for both types of drivers to weave in and out of lanes, and have problems focusing and nod off.
  • Speeding: A two-vehicle crash is often caused by excessive speed. Drivers who speed do not have time to stop before they cause an accident. Speeders are also more likely to cause a crash by losing control of their vehicles, which can end up involving other automobiles, people who are on foot, and others.
  • Tailgating: As a result of tailgating, it’s possible for two vehicles to collide at low speeds, leading to serious injuries. The sudden back and forth motion of an individual’s head upon impact can lead to injuries such as cervical strain or sprain or even a traumatic head injury. During an intersection crash, a vehicle may end up being pushed further in where other vehicles may hit it.

Gathering the Evidence to Support Your Two-Vehicle Crash Claim

Attorneys use investigation into a two-vehicle crash to establish fault and collect evidence that supports a client’s claim. Among areas of investigation are the search for traffic surveillance cameras, accident reconstruction and interviewing witnesses. Once the evidence has been gathered, our legal team uses it to construct a strong case for our client to recover compensation.

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