Antelope Pedestrian Collision After Two-Vehicle Crash

Antelope Pedestrian Collision After Two-Vehicle Crash

An Antelope pedestrian collision occurred on Palmerston Drive near Pearlstone on January 24. The initial accident involved a pickup and a Cadillac SUV. The Dodge pickup apparently then struck a young female pedestrian. The incident happened at about 7:30 in the morning. The driver of the vehicle was transported to a nearby hospital for reported injuries. No information was released by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) on the condition of the pedestrian. Traffic was blocked for an undetermined amount of time while the accident scene was investigated, and the truck was removed.

What Causes a Pedestrian Accident

An Antelope pedestrian collision usually happens at an intersection. However, pedestrians should realize that they also have a duty of care to others using the roadways. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that in 2016, nearly 6,000 pedestrians died in accidents. This type of shocking statistic means that both motorists and walkers need to exercise more caution. Some ways that motorists can avoid an Antelope pedestrian collision include:

  • Don’t be a distracted driver: One of the major reasons for many types of accidents, distracted driving takes the motorist’s eyes from the road. If this occurs for even a few seconds, it’s enough time to cause an pedestrian collision. Common forms of distracted driving include texting, talking on a cell phone, chatting with passengers and accessing GPS.
  • Don’t speed: Speeding was involved in 26 percent of all traffic accidents that resulted in fatalities in 2017. It has been proven that the faster a vehicle is going, the more likely a pedestrian will die if struck.
  • Don’t drive drowsy: Driving while sleepy means that the driver cannot focus their full attention on the road and surroundings. This is an easy way to cause a pedestrian collision. Shift workers, those who have sleep apnea and people who don’t rest much the night before are apt to be drowsy drivers.
  • Don’t disobey traffic laws: Running a red light or stop sign, making an illegal turn and other actions can cause a pedestrian collision. These forms of reckless driving show the lack of a duty of care to others sharing the road.

Why Speed Kills in an Antelope Pedestrian Accident

It makes sense that striking an object at a higher speed will cause more damage. One study that dealt with accidents between the years 2007 to 2009 pinpointed the harm done to pedestrians at various impact speeds. The findings were:

Impact Speed (mph) Risk of Death (%) Risk of Severe Injury (%)
16 negligible 10
23 10 25
31 25 50
39 50 75
46 50 90

*At speeds over 50 mph, the risk of death is very high with a 75-percent risk over 50 mph and more than 90-percent risk over 60 mph.

Antelope Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

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