Acute Abdomen Injuries

Acute Abdomen Injuries

Acute Abdomen Injuries

Acute Abdomen Injuries – Most people probably don’t think about an auto accident until after it has already happened. Car accidents are more common and more dangerous than many people realize. According to some statistics published by Driver Knowledge:

  • About six million car accidents take place in the United States every year.
  • These accidents lead to around three million different traumatic injuries which may require a stay in a hospital.
  • On a daily basis, close to 100 people are killed in a serious car accident.
  • Unfortunately, even though seat belts can reduce the risk of a serious injury occurring by about 50 percent, about 15 percent of people still do not wear them.

These statistics highlight the point that everyone needs to be aware of the risks of a car accident every time they drive or ride in a car. One of the many different injuries that could develop is an acute abdomen.

An Overview: Signs and Symptoms of an Acute Abdomen

When a car accident takes place, abdominal trauma is one of the most common types of medical issues that might arise. This could lead to an acute abdomen. This term is used to describe an intense abdominal pain. Some of the signs and symptoms of an acute abdomen include:

  • Severe generalized pain over the abdomen.
  • Pain that is worse on palpation.
  • Abdominal guarding and rebound tenderness on palpation.
  • Pain that is worse with movement.
  • Large bruises that form on the surface of the skin.

There are many different reasons why someone could have an acute abdomen, which ranges from ruptured intestinal blood vessels to a ruptured spleen and even a tear of the small bowel. An acute abdomen is time-sensitive and it is important for people to understand how the injury is treated.

Treatment of an Acute Abdomen

If someone has been diagnosed with an acute abdomen, the treatment is typically emergent surgery. Sometimes, scans might be obtained to localize the source of the pain. However, individuals are generally taken back to an operating room as quickly as possible. An exploratory laparotomy is performed and the source of the pain and bleeding is located. Then, a surgeon will stop the bleeding and ensure that any additional injuries are treated as well. The recovery time from this major surgery can be extensive, so it is not unusual for people to spend several nights in the hospital. The prognosis is dependent on the location and severity of the injury that led to the acute abdomen in the first place.

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Acute Abdomen Injuries:

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