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Accident On 205 Tracy Ca Yesterday Injures Stockton Woman

accident on 205 tracy ca yesterday

Woman Killed in Tracy Accident

A woman suffered fatal injuries during a pileup near Tracy on June 11, 2018. At approximately 1:30 in the morning, a box truck overturned along the outer eastbound lane of Interstate 205 near the Interstate 5 transition. A Stockton woman was driving her 2003 Hyundai SUV when she reportedly failed to see the box truck overturned in her path, causing a car accident.

Accident detail

A Good Samaritan pulled over along the shoulder in front of the SUV to render aid to those who were injured. A short time after, a 2008 big rig was approaching the scene of the initial accident at highway speeds while being followed by another box truck. The big rig driver failed to stop in time for the overturned box truck and struck its lower front portion. The big rig continued and struck the SUV and Good Samaritan’s vehicle carrying his passenger and two children. The second box truck following behind the big rig struck the SUV, rolled and hit the SUV driver. Emergency personnel arrived on the scene to transport four parties to area hospitals for treatment of traumatic injuries. Unfortunately, the driver of the SUV suffered fatal injuries at the scene.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those mourning the loss of their loved one during this heart-wrenching time.

What Caused the Accident?

cause for this accident is currently under investigation by the California Highway Patrol (CHP).

The identity of the Victim

Authorities have identified the victim as 36-year-old Ambrosia Latrice Dancy of Stockton.

Pileup Accidents

Auto accidents are stressful, frightening and dangerous. The more vehicles that are involved in an accident typically increases the severity of injuries. Many factors can come into play in a multi-car pileups. Freeways and intersections are the common sites for these collisions. Multi-car pileups are often caused by:

  • Inclement conditions can increase the risk of a pileup from slick roads and limited visibility for motorists;
  • Driving over the posted speed limit or current road conditions can lead to a pileup due to increased stopping distance;
  • Falling asleep behind the wheel is particularly dangerous as a motorists’ foot may remain on the gas pedal and their vehicle may drift from lane to lane, further causing a chain reaction accident. Drowsy driving is fatal as it claimed the lives of 846 in 2014 (according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration);
  • Driving while intoxicated or impaired endangers the lives of others on the road. Every day in the United States, twenty-eight individuals lose their lives due to drunk driving (according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention);
  • Any activity that diverts your attention from the road may increase your chances of an accident. Driver distraction was deemed a contributing factor in nearly ten percent of all traffic fatalities (according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety).

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

Pileup accidents present unique dangers to those involved. These accidents can cause serious injuries like spinal cord damage, head and brain trauma, bone fractures or even wrongful death. Determining fault in a pileup can be extremely complex as multiple collisions and motorists are involved. Since these accidents are complicated, it is best to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer in Stockton to discuss the facts and circumstances of your case. A skilled attorney can thoroughly investigate the accident to properly determine liability and present a strong case for fair compensation of your damages.

Stockton Personal Injury Lawyer

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