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Accident Involving Bicycle Injury Occurs in North Highlands

Vehicle Collides With Bicyclist at Madison Avenue Intersection

A bicycle injury accident was reported in North Highlands on October 8 in a collision with a vehicle. The crash occurred at the intersection of Madison Avenue and Harrison Street around 9:29 in the morning, according to the incident report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP). Sacramento Fire Department first responders were summoned to the crash scene, where they determined the bicyclist had suffered a major injury. 

Bicyclist Suffers Major Injuries in Traffic Collision

The patient riding the bicycle was transported to a hospital for additional evaluation and treatment. The vehicle in question, a GMC Jimmy, was towed from the scene. An investigation into why the bicycle injury accident occurred is underway to determine how it happened.

Intersections and Bicycle Injury

Intersections can be dangerous locations for bicycle riders. Because motorists are attuned to watching out only for other drivers, they can miss seeing a pedestrian or bicycle rider sharing the roadway. In addition, more than half of all traffic accidents occur at intersections, and almost all of them are caused by driver negligence. Some of the most common causes of a bicycle injury at an intersection include:

  • No stop sign for the motorist: A bicycle injury can easily occur when the rider is trying to cross a street when no stop signs are present for the motorists sharing the road.
  • Left turns: Bicycle riders and motorists who are entering an intersection on opposite sides can collide if the driver is making a left turn and doesn’t spot the cyclist.
  • Running a red light: A common cause of all varieties of intersection accidents, if the driver runs a red light, they can crash into a rider, causing a bicycle injury collision.
  • Right turns: When a driver makes a right turn as a bicycle rider is crossing, the cyclist can either be unseated or struck by the motorist.
  • Driver error: Intersection accidents are often caused by speeders, distracted or drunk drivers or for other reasons. An injury lawyer can investigate a case to determine if driver negligence caused your bicycle injury accident, so you can recover compensation.

Recovering Compensation Following a Bicycle Injury Accident

We’ve helped many bicycle riders recover fair compensation following a bicycle injury accident. We understand how important this is since riders often suffer serious trauma and have to miss work as they are dealing with their pain and suffering. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation in which you can find out if you can place a claim, what options there are to recover damages and to have your questions answered.

Liability in a Motorist and Bicycle Injury Intersection Accident

Generally, the vehicle that reaches the intersection first at an intersection without stop signs is granted the right of way. However, if the driver and bicyclist arrive at the intersection at the same time, the one on the right-hand side would be allowed to proceed first. If stop signs are present and the driver and bicyclist arrive at the same time, the one on the right would still have the right of way to proceed first. At intersections with crosswalks and crossing lights, the bicyclist has the right of way to cross safely, even if the light changes before they’ve made it all the way through.

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