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Accident In Hilmar Ca Today Injures Two Near Merced County


A two-vehicle collision occurred north of Merced County on the morning of Tuesday, December 19, 2017. Unfortunately, the crash claimed the lives of a Hilmar man and an unborn baby.

We send our sincerest thoughts and condolences to the grieving family and friends of the two parties that lost their lives in this tragic accident.

What Happened?

A Turlock woman was driving her 2012 Ford Fusion westbound along Golden State Boulevard in the vicinity of Griffith Avenue at approximately 7:45 am. At the same time, a Hilmar man was driving his 2014 Dodge Challenger and was stopped at a stop sign at the intersection of Griffith Avenue and Golden State Boulevard. For an unknown reason, the Dodge entered the intersection and was in the direct path of the oncoming Ford. The Turlock woman driving the Ford was unable to avoid the Dodge, resulting in a serious broadside collision.

Nature of Injuries

Witnesses in the area stopped to render aid to the injured parties of the auto accident. Witnesses reportedly transported the Turlock woman, who was eight months pregnant at the time, to an area hospital for immediate medical attention. The woman is expected to recover from her injuries, but unfortunately, she lost her baby as a result of the accident. The Hilmar man was taken to the Emanuel Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries during hospitalization.

Identity of Victim

The Merced County Coroner’s Office has identified the man driving the Dodge Challenger as 29-year-old Jay McCowan of Hilmar.

Cause of Auto Accident

The cause of the auto accident remains under investigation by the California Highway Patrol (CHP).

Losing a Loved One in an Auto Accident

Learning the tragic death of a loved one after an auto accident is extremely difficult and may bring little closure to those who are affected. Survivors usually tend to feel pain and a sense of emptiness that may not always be understood by any person who has never experienced such losses. Words may never remove the emotional harm after the devastating loss of a dear friend or family member, but the right members may offer support and a cushion of comfort. If you have lost someone you cared about due to an auto accident, it is important to recognize that all feelings are valid during bereavement. It is never a good idea to keep your feelings bundled inside as that may create more harm than good. Having a support group of close relatives and friends is crucial in working your way through the stages of grief. Although some days may seem more difficult to pass compared to others, always remember how much your loved one cared about you and how they would never want to see you suffer.

Broadside Accidents

A broadside accident, or commonly known as a “T-bone collision” involves a motor vehicle being struck on its side by the front-end of another car. The name originates from the fact that the two vehicles are said to form the letter “T” in this type of accident. The nature of injuries sustained from such accidents varies from person-to-person.

If a broadside accident has caused you or a member in your family to suffer severe harm, you may wish to consider speaking with a seasoned Merced personal injury lawyer as soon as you are able to. Hiring an experienced attorney is helpful in securing fair compensation for all incurred damages.

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