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Accident Fatality in Natomas Near State Route 99

Two Vehicles Block Roadway in Natomas Accident Fatality

An accident fatality occurred in Natomas on July 1 following a crash between two vehicles on the eastbound Elkhorn Boulevard onramp. Officers with the Sacramento Police Department, California Highway Patrol (CHP), and responders with the Sacramento Fire Department were on the scene. According to the police report, the accident happened at 7:23 in the morning just west of State Route 99 and involved a Volvo and Toyota 4Runner, which were blocking the roadway. One person was injured and was treated at the crash site by emergency responders. Sadly, another passed away at the scene of the Natomas crash. Officials from the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office have identified the decedent as 33-year-old Dale Jardine of Citrus Heights.

Elkhorn Boulevard Shut Down Following Accident Fatality

Sacramento Police sent their own tow truck to remove at least one of the vehicles from the scene as evidence. The other was removed by a tow company. A hard closure was placed along both eastbound and westbound Elkhorn Boulevard while an investigation into the accident was conducted.

The Dangers of Car Accidents

In 2019, it was reported that 38,000 people perished in traffic accidents and 4.4 million required medical care after being involved in one. Entrance and exit ramps are common locations for collisions. Driver behaviors also play a big part in traffic accidents. The incidence of aggressive driving has escalated in the country as drivers ignore the safety of others. Speeding kills many people as drivers hurry to arrive at their destination. Beyond that, drivers are trying to multitask while they drive. By doing this, they take their focus off the road leading to a distracted driving accident

Losing a Loved One in a Wrongful Death

Losing a family member is never easy. Losing them due to someone else’s negligence compounds the grief and pain the family and friends experience. It is important that the family restore their sense of justice by taking the responsible party to task. Whether it is another driver or a government agency that failed in its responsibility to keep the roads safe, a wrongful death attorney can help. 

At our firm, we know the pain you are feeling and want to help you be financially secure in this time of crisis. In order to do that, we assist in filing a wrongful death lawsuit. This is filed by the family to restore the financial damages the loss of their loved one caused. Although it helps families pay their bills and cover the cost of funeral and burial services, it will not bring back their loved ones. 

Please watch the following video presented by attorney Ed Smith about filing a wrongful death lawsuit:

Auto Accident Investigations

The collection of evidence is vital in proving a case in a personal injury or a wrongful death case. Our investigators are experienced in collecting the evidence needed to support a claim. They head to the site of the accident fatality or injury right away to talk to the witnesses and review the police report for inaccuracies. Among other evidence they collect, the investigators search for traffic and business cameras that might have caught the crash on film and perform accident reconstruction. When the investigation is complete, our seasoned lawyers use it to build a case that supports the client’s claim for compensation.

Sacramento Auto Accident Attorney

I’m Ed Smith, an Auto Accident Attorney in Sacramento. When a family has lost their loved one because of the negligent actions of another individual or entity, they can file a claim for wrongful death. Nothing will replace that loved family member, but obtaining compensation can help them cope with the financial strain. I am here to offer you my free and friendly advice at (916) 921-6400 or through the long-distance line at (800) 404-5400. Some prefer to message me using the online form.

I’m honored to have represented many Natomas and Sacramento residents in obtaining the compensation they deserve for the past 38 years. Some of the areas I work in are wrongful deaths, any variety of traffic collisions, and traumas such as brain injuries.

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