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5 Common Motorcycle Accidents in Roseville

Common Roseville Motorcycle Crashes 

Riding a motorcycle is exhilarating and dangerous all at once. Here are the five most common motorcycle accidents in Roseville and how they occur.

5 – Vehicle Hits You From Behind

Coming in at number five on the list is a motorcycle accident where a car hits you from behind. This accident is most likely to happen when you are stopped at a stop sign or red light, but can also occur when both vehicles are in operation on the road. This is known as a fender bender, which is the most common type of car accident, and typically only results in minor injuries. A fender bender is much more dangerous when it involves a motorcycle; it can kill a motorcycle rider. The best way to avoid this accident is to pull in between a line of cars or pull in front of the first vehicle at an intersection with a friendly wave. This provides you with a bumper from vehicles approaching you from the rear.

4 – A Car Jolts Into Your Lane

Riding a motorcycle is inherently dangerous even if you are extra cautious when operating the bike. Motorcycles easily fit into the blind spots of cars and trucks, which can lead to devastating accidents, so be sure to avoid driving in blind spots as much as practically possible. A car that does not see you in an adjoining lane might veer into your lane unexpectedly, ramming into your bike and sending you skidding across the pavement. This type of accident occurs mainly on major highways with multiple lanes of traffic going in one direction.

3 – Took a Corner Going Too Fast

A rule of thumb for cars when entering a curve is for the vehicle to slow down and then speed up as the vehicle exits the curve. For motorcycles, this is vital to your safety. Even if you think the bike is going slow enough, it likely isn’t. You never know how steep the curve is, especially if you are riding on an unfamiliar road. Taking a corner too fast on a motorcycle can lead to tragic motorcycle accidents in Roseville.

2 – Motorcycle Hits Gravel or Other Road Hazard

Road hazards are dangerous for cars and trucks, but not to the extent that they are for motorcycles. Cars and trucks can hit potholes, gravel and other road hazards without the worry of a devastating accident. Motorcycles must avoid these hazards at all costs. Motorcycle accidents caused by gravel, dirt, sand, wet leaves, potholes, standing water and other road hazards can be tragic. The best way to avoid accidents with road hazards is to travel at a speed where you can still have enough time to react and maneuver the bike around whatever hazard may be present.

1 – Vehicle Makes Left Turn in Front of You

The most common motorcycle accident in Roseville occurs when another vehicle on the road makes a left turn in front of your bike. Motorcycle accidents of this type occur when another vehicle fails to notice your bike or misjudges your speed and decides to make the left turn as you approach the intersection. When a driver is only looking for other cars or trucks, he or she simply sees the absence of those vehicles, not the presence of a motorcycle. In order to avoid such an accident, you must be a defensive driver who can anticipate mistakes by other drivers. Defensive driving can save your life when on a motorcycle in Roseville.

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