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4th of July Brings an Increase in Auto Accidents

More Car Accidents During the 4th of July Holiday 

While the 4th of July holiday is a time for family and friends, it also brings an increase in the number of auto accidents. Even though everyone should take the time to celebrate, it is also important to place safety first. Some of the reasons why there are more accidents during the July 4 holiday include:

  • Because almost everyone has the day off from work, there will be an increase in traffic on the roads
  • Many people will be visiting the area from out of town and are unfamiliar with the roads and traffic patterns
  • With kids out of school, there will be an increase in foot traffic as children are playing, causing drivers to stop short
  • As people wait for the fireworks to finish, there will also be heavy traffic at night when there is reduced visibility

Clearly, there are many reasons for an increase in the number of car accidents during the 4th of July holiday. Many of the traumatic accidents could even place people in the emergency room.

An Increase in Accidents Related to Driving Under the Influence

One of the most common reasons why people have a car accident on July 4 is related to alcohol. July 4 is a time to celebrate, and for many people, this means consuming alcohol. On the other hand, it is also imperative for people to do this safely. Everyone needs to know their limits. Some of the important points to keep in mind about drunk driving include:

  • Alcohol can lead to impaired judgment, reduced inhibition, and slowed reflexes, making it unsafe to drive
  • Alcohol is also sedating, making it more likely for someone to fall asleep behind the wheel of the car
  • The legal limit for blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is 0.08
  • Given the hot weather, people will get dehydrated quickly, reducing their alcohol tolerance

The penalties for a DUI are severe; however, those who cause a car accident due to driving under the influence risk even stiffer penalties. Those who drink during the 4th of July holiday should do so responsibly. Everyone’s safety, including their own, depends on this.

Burn Injuries are Common on July 4

Of course, everyone associates Independence Day celebrations with fireworks. This sky lights up in red, white, and blue, and people of all ages come together to stare at the night sky. On the other hand, fireworks are also dangerous and can lead to severe burn injuries. Some important firework safety tips to keep in mind include:

  • Adults need to supervise children lighting fireworks at all times, even when using sparklers
  • Immediately after lighting a firework, back up to a safe distance
  • Always light fireworks at ground level on flat terrain
  • Some fireworks are marked for use “by professionals only,” and this warning should be obeyed

Fireworks can cause severe burn injuries to all parts of the body. Some of the burns might even be life-threatening. Anyone suffering a burn injury related to a firework accident should seek medical care immediately.

Watch YouTube Video: 4th of July Safety Tips. Watch this quick video of how to keep you and your family safe on the 4th of July.

Distracted Driving Accidents Increase During the Holiday

Another common cause of car accidents during the holiday weekend is distracted driving. There are numerous distractions for drivers during July 4. Some of these include:

  • Many people are driving on unfamiliar roads and are looking at their phone or GPS system
  • Children are running across the street and drivers are trying to avoid a pedestrian accident
  • Fireworks can distract drivers who are driving at night

Distracted driving is a serious problem and could lead to a catastrophic car accident, particularly if a pedestrian is involved. Everyone who is driving during the 4th of July holiday needs to make sure that they keep their eyes focused on the task at hand.

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