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August 14, 2020
Edward Smith

Essure Settlements – Discussions Progress According to Bayer

Pharmaceutical giant Bayer has issued a statement that settlement talks with lawyers for the thousands of women who suffered injuries due to the use of Essure birth control implants are progressing. News reports say that Bayer announced it has earmarked $1.47 billion for the potential Essure settlements.  There are 32,000 Essure-related lawsuits pending in the United States. Within its August 3, 2020 earnings reports for the second quarter, Bayer stated that discussions regarding potential Essure settlements had intensified recently, and that good progress was being made.

Essure – A Dangerous Medical Device 

Essure is a device designed for implantable birth control.  It is constructed with two metallic coils that are inserted into the fallopian tubes of the patient during a non-surgical procedure. After implantation, the device is designed to trigger inflammation and scarring, thereby sealing the woman’s fallopian tubes in order to prevent future pregnancy. Thousands of women who have undergone Essure implantation have reported long-term, debilitating complications, including heavy bleeding, chronic pain, and damage to nearby organs. 

Many of the women who underwent the Essure implantation did so to avoid a tubal ligation surgery, which requires general anesthesia.  Some women reportedly became pregnant after having the Essure device implanted. Complaints from users of the device surged, then consumer advocates got involved and began campaigning for change.  In 2015, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) required a Black Box warning for Essure.  Bayer ceased selling the devices throughout the world in 2018. 

The video below is a news story from when Bayer pulled Essure off the market.

Dangerous Medical Devices – Compensation for Victims

Bayer is defending thousands of lawsuits filed by women who allege a vast array of injuries caused by Essure, including organ perforation, hysterectomy, weight gain, bleeding, depression, unwanted pregnancy, and metal sensitivity.  Many of the complications and side effects are severe and chronic. 

Essure is not the only dangerous medical device that has been marketed and sold to unsuspecting female consumers.  Not by far.  Some of the other devices that have resulted in lawsuits being filed by injured consumers include Mirena, another birth control device, and transvaginal mesh.  

In cases involving dangerous medical devices and/or defective or hazardous medications, injured victims are entitled to compensation for their damages.  Those damages could include medical expenses, loss of past and future income, hospitalization, surgical costs, disability, emotional distress, pain, and suffering. An experienced drug product liability lawyer is a critical element to combat the large pharmaceutical companies who continue to make staggering profits by selling dangerous products.  These types of legal cases are complex and filled with complications, but the right attorney will have the tools to go up against the powerful drug companies in order to assist victims and help them receive fair compensation for their damages.

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