South Lake Tahoe Head-On Collision Hospitalizes 3

Head-on collision

South Lake Tahoe Head-On Collision Hospitalizes 3

Seven people were involved in a head-on collision in South Lake Tahoe that sent three to a hospital on Thursday, July 13.

What Happened?

Witnesses reported to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) that one of the drivers, of the two vehicles involved, accidentally fell asleep at the wheel around 4:00 p.m. while driving along Black Bart Avenue in South Lake Tahoe. As the driver nodded off, his vehicle drifted across the yellow line and into the lane with oncoming traffic. Officer Ruth Loehr stated that the oncoming vehicle did not have enough time to evade the drifting car and they hit each other head-on. Another witness who was at the scene claims that the other driver was speeding at the time of the accident and was transporting people as an Uber driver.

Both drivers of each vehicle were taken to a hospital along with one of the 5 passengers that were involved. The section of road where the accident occurred was closed down by CHP officials and officers from the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department. Both agencies are continuing to investigate the accident and find out all the details.

Driving with Multiple Passengers

Many states have laws about the number of passengers that teens who have just recently received licenses can have in their car while driving. California requires new teen drivers to have a parent or other licensed driver 25-years-old or older in the vehicle when transporting passengers younger than 20. The reason for these restrictions is because of the increased risk of accidents and fatalities when teens drive with other teens. The website shows some alarming statistics about peer passengers.

  • The risk of a fatal crash is tripled when there are two or more peer passengers and a teen is driving.
  • A simulator-based study showed that teens will engage in more unsafe driving practices when they know friends are observing them.
  • Male drivers tend to “show off” and are six times more likely to, when peer passengers are present, engage in illegal and risky driving maneuvers.

The information given about the aforementioned accident does not reveal the ages of the drivers involved but passengers who distract the driver or “egg them on” are a risk no matter the age. Drivers must be aware of the risks and keep the focus on the road ahead to keep themselves and their passengers safe and free from harm.

Texting while driving

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