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A new Web Resource to help Chronic Pain Sufferers

From time to time, I find web resources that may be especially helpful to my clients who suffer from chronic pain. Recently, I came across which fits the bill.

PainAction is a website specifically designed to helped people who suffer from all kinds of chronic pain. I like it because it emphasizes self action, instead of a medical model that encourages those who suffer pain to just “do what the doctor orders”.

The site includes a Medication Safety Library, a free downloadable Guide to Pain Management and a self check quiz that patients can take to guide them into managing their pain.

There is  also a daily pain tracker that can be useful to find correlations between daily pain and level and type of activity. Feature articles are  added frequently,  there are many personal shares and tips on various types of chronic pain and an especially useful section which helps in dealing with family and friends.

This supplements a site by the American Chronic Pain Association at

That web site has a useful Resource Guide, Relaxation Guide and many pain management tools.

The more individuals who suffer pain can relax and release stress, the more they can help themselves through pain.

Over the years, my clients have found Guided Imagery Meditations such as the one available here to be very helpful.


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